Best Places To Buy a Property in Istanbul


Are you eager to buy a property in Istanbul as a non-resident? Don’t you have any idea about the best places and how to buy a property in Istanbul? Here you can find useful information to make a decision where and how to buy a property in Istanbul. 

Apart from being the most populous, and the most reputable city of Turkey, the city of Istanbul is the major centre of finance, history, culture, and modernism. Istanbul provides an endless variety that can fascinate its visitors and investors with limitless historical spots, transportation opportunities, living standards, job variations, friendly local people, and scenic natural beauty that make the city in demand for the tourists and the foreign investors all around the world. 

The city of Istanbul offers plenty of estates including apartments, residences, offices, shops, houses, and villas. The property opportunities in Istanbul never ends. There are thousands of foreign investors that benefit from the low costs of living and prices of real estates in Istanbul. Due to the deep interest of the foreign property investors, real estate prices in Istanbul have been rising expeditiously. The increase of the property prices in Istanbul is by 12.5% – 25% per annum.


Best Places to Buy Property in Istanbul

To buy a property in Istanbul, deciding where and what to buy should be your first step. There may be a big price variety by the region and the type of property you would like to buy. Your prior criteria should be the social life facilities, transportation opportunities, the place you work, health services, living conditions especially if you are planning to live with your family in that property. Here are the districts with the best and wide range of opportunities:

The European Side
In terms of buying a house, apartments, shops, offices, and luxury residences, Istanbul’s European side is more outstanding than the Asian Side.

  • Bakirkoy, Besiktas, and Taksim offer the most plenteous property diversity in terms of selling and renting offices, shops, and house. These districts have the highest real estate prices all over Istanbul’s European Side.
  • Esenyurt is also one of the most preferred districts for property buying. Thanks to the urban transformation and numerous projects, the value of the properties is increasing day by day.
  • Beylikduzu and Arnavutkoy (close to New Istanbul Airport) are the other recommended districts offering great opportunities for property buyers and investors. 

The Asian Side
Thanks to the urban transformation and the new projects, the real estate prices in Istanbul’s Asian Side has also swiftly increased for several years.

  • Atasehir, Suadiye, Fenerbahce, and Caddebostan offer the most plenteous property diversity in terms of selling and renting offices, shops, and house. These districts have the highest real estate prices all over Istanbul’s Asian Side.
  • If you want to buy a property in Istanbul’s Asian side, you can also prefer Kadikoy, Cekmekoy, Umraniye, Sancaktepe, Pendik, Kartal and Sultanbeyli. These districts offer house, apartments, shops, and offices for rent or sale at more reasonable prices. Among these districts, Kadikoy is the most preferred district because of being a transportation hub and its proximity to the European side. 

The process of buying a property is very simple. With an expert, you could complete all the paper works, transactions, payments, and other things in one day at the Land Registry offices. Please check our How to Buy Property in Istanbul page for more information.


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