Istanbul Travel Warnings

Although, it is fact that cosmpolitan city becomes vulnerable to all kind of dangers. So for your own safety we have tried to compile few warnings so you dont have to worry about it.

Solo Female Travelers

Female solo travellers are now a common trend. City itself is safe but being cautious Dozens of solo travelers, especially women, visit Istanbul during the year. All they need to be careful with is not to walk through isolated roads and dark places during the nights. Moreover they should beware their behavior in relation to Turk men, because usually they perceives a innocent behavior differently

Fake Tourist Guides

It’s very common, especially in places like Sultanahmet, for Turkish men to approach you, claiming that they are tour guides and that can help you skip the queues at the museums. But in order to be a tour guide in Turkey, you must hold a licence from the Goverment. So unless they have a proof to show, do not trust them


One of Istanbul’s biggest problems! We highly recommend you always choose a public transport so you dont have to deal with the traffic. The worst hours are 7 am-10 am in the morning, and at 4 pm-8pm in the afternoon. Luckily, the most interesting areas in Istanbul offers public transportations, so that makes things much easier! Also, although Turks are very good drivers, at the same time they believe they always have priority. So be careful when you are crossing the roads!

Istanbul by Night

As it is normal, during the night hours, city becomes a bit unsafe, especially if you walk around dark side streets or in neighborhoods like Sultanhmet. If you are staying in isolated areas, try not to walk alone and not carry with you a lot of money

The invitations

The targets of this scam, are usually solo traveller men. A well dressed man, who speaks good English, he will approach you in order to ask you for a lighter (most of the times). He will be very friendly and polite. He will approach you either if you are standing on the road waiting for something or someone, or even if you are dining at a restaurant. The next think you know is that you will start a conversation which always ends the same way. He asks you to join him for drinks. If you indeed go with him, suddenly some half naked women will show up and when the bill come, you will have to pay houndreds of Euros. Decline the invitation from the beggining!

Reduced Mobility

The distances in Istanbul are quite big. Many roads are under construction and most of the times you need to climb stairs to visit many places, because many of the buildings are old so they do not provide elevators. For these reasons, people with walking difficulties or people who use wheel chairs, might face difficulties. Hiring a private car and a guide will solve their problems

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