Istanbul Airport

Istanbul has always been the passage connecting the Eastern and the Western world separated by Bosphorus strait which acts as the boundary wall between Europe and Asia. This new airport in Istanbul is set to magnify the status to a whole new level by making it one of the biggest hub point not only in Europe and Asia but also all across the world. 

The most significant feature of this airport is it is one of the biggest airports all over the world. Well, following are the few reasons that travelers, business and leisure should keep their eyes on this state-of-art installation.

About Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport will offer a capacity of 200 million passengers with accessibility to over 300 destinations across the world. In the first stage, it welcomes over 90 million passengers which will be around 30 million more than the current hub that is Ataturk Airport.

What Will Happen To Ataturk Airport

This new airport will gradually take over the current airport until all the operations are transferred. Then the old airport is going to be converted into a public garden and entertainment place. 
The Location
This new airport is an hour away from the city, keeping in view the area and the size that is required for the infrastructure. It is on the northwestern side of the city on the coast of the Black Sea.

The Timeline

The official opening was on Turkish National Day which was 29th Oct 2018. However, the full operations of the first stage will be around at the end of the year. Three more stages of construction with 200 million passengers will have been completed by 2030.

The Amenities

Istanbul Airport has VIP Lounges Duty Free Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Prayer Rooms, Hotels, and Convention Centers that sounds like any other airports.  When we factor in the enormity of the project, it seems that these things will also change the meaning and the image of these amenities.

The Terminal

Istanbul airport has been being built on futuristic ideology with unique architecture reflecting the rich social and cultural heritage of the country itself. The architectural design of the Airport reflects the rich historical significance of Istanbul mosques, baths, domes, and many other historic structures. These motives are inspired by Turkish-Islamic art and architecture texture and depth to the facility. The air traffic control tower is like the shape of Tulip which has great significance in both Islamic and Turkish history. This remarkable structure is set to amaze many people all across the world.

Fast Track Service

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How to get to Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport (IST) Transfer Prices

Region Price
Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) 50,00 EUR
Sultanahmet (Old City) 30,00 EUR
Sirkeci - Eminönü 30,00 EUR
Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) 30,00 EUR
Istanbul Airport (IST) 30,00 EUR
Yenikapı - Aksaray, Laleli, Beyazıt 30,00 EUR
Otogar Bayrampasa Esenler 40,00 EUR
Bakırköy Yenibosna Zeytinburnu 30,00 EUR
Ports - Karaköy, Sali Pazari, Kabataş 30,00 EUR
Levent - Maslak - Etiler - Zincirlikuyu 30,00 EUR
Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih 30,00 EUR
Eyup - Gaziosmanpasa - Halic 30,00 EUR
Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan 30,00 EUR
Avcılar - Beylikduzu - Esenyurt - Basaksehir 40,00 EUR
Kadikoy - Atasehir - Bostancı - Umraniye 50,00 EUR
Silivri - Selimpasa - Kumburgaz 60,00 EUR
Uskudar - Harem - Haydarpasa 40,00 EUR
Kartal - Maltepe - Suadiye 50,00 EUR
Kilyos 80,00 EUR
Sile - Agva 80,00 EUR
Beykoz - Kavacik - And. Hisari 40,00 EUR
Arnavutköy 30,00 EUR
Sariyer - Tarabya - Yenikoy 40,00 EUR
Pendik - Tuzla - Kurtkoy 60,00 EUR
Gebze - Darıca - Cayirova 95,00 EUR
Izmit 100,00 EUR
Bursa - Uludag 175,00 EUR
Bolu - Abant 175,00 EUR
Yalova 175,00 EUR
Canakkale - Gelibolu - Troy 240,00 EUR
Sapanca - Sakarya - Kartepe 100,00 EUR
Sefaköy 35,00 EUR
Bağcılar 30,00 EUR
Edirne 175,00 EUR
Alibeykoy 30,00 EUR
Region Price
Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) 60,00 EUR
Sultanahmet (Old City) 40,00 EUR
Sirkeci - Eminönü 40,00 EUR
Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) 40,00 EUR
Yenikapı - Aksaray, Laleli, Beyazıt 40,00 EUR
Otogar Bayrampasa Esenler 50,00 EUR
Istanbul Airport (IST) 40,00 EUR
Ports - Karaköy, Sali Pazari, Kabataş 40,00 EUR
Levent - Maslak - Etiler - Zincirlikuyu 40,00 EUR
Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih 40,00 EUR
Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan 40,00 EUR
Kadikoy - Atasehir - Bostancı - Umraniye 60,00 EUR
Silivri - Selimpasa - Kumburgaz 70,00 EUR
Uskudar - Harem - Haydarpasa 50,00 EUR
Kartal - Maltepe - Suadiye 60,00 EUR
Kilyos 90,00 EUR
Sile - Agva 90,00 EUR
Arnavutköy 40,00 EUR
Sariyer - Tarabya - Yenikoy 50,00 EUR
Pendik - Tuzla - Kurtkoy 70,00 EUR
Gebze - Darıca - Cayirova 100,00 EUR
Izmit 120,00 EUR
Bursa - Uludag 190,00 EUR
Bolu - Abant 190,00 EUR
Yalova 185,00 EUR
Canakkale - Gelibolu - Troy 260,00 EUR
Sapanca - Sakarya - Kartepe 120,00 EUR
Sefaköy 45,00 EUR
Bağcılar 40,00 EUR
Edirne 200,00 EUR
Alibeykoy 40,00 EUR
Region Price
Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) 70,00 EUR
Sultanahmet (Old City) 45,00 EUR
Sirkeci - Eminönü 45,00 EUR
Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) 45,00 EUR
Yenikapı - Aksaray, Laleli, Beyazıt 45,00 EUR
Otogar Bayrampasa Esenler 60,00 EUR
Istanbul Airport (IST) 45,00 EUR
Ports - Karaköy, Sali Pazari, Kabataş 45,00 EUR
Levent - Maslak - Etiler - Zincirlikuyu 50,00 EUR
Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih 45,00 EUR
Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan 45,00 EUR
Kadikoy - Atasehir - Bostancı - Umraniye 70,00 EUR
Silivri - Selimpasa - Kumburgaz 80,00 EUR
Uskudar - Harem - Haydarpasa 75,00 EUR
Kartal - Maltepe - Suadiye 70,00 EUR
Kilyos 100,00 EUR
Sile - Agva 100,00 EUR
Arnavutköy 45,00 EUR
Sariyer - Tarabya - Yenikoy 60,00 EUR
Pendik - Tuzla - Kurtkoy 80,00 EUR
Gebze - Darıca - Cayirova 120,00 EUR
Izmit 140,00 EUR
Bursa - Uludag 220,00 EUR
Bolu - Abant 220,00 EUR
Yalova 225,00 EUR
Canakkale - Gelibolu - Troy 295,00 EUR
Sapanca - Sakarya - Kartepe 150,00 EUR
Sefaköy 50,00 EUR
Bağcılar 45,00 EUR
Edirne 250,00 EUR
Alibeykoy 45,00 EUR
Region Price
Istanbul Airport (IST) 60,00 EUR
Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) 55,00 EUR
Sultanahmet (Old City) 35,00 EUR
Sirkeci - Eminönü 35,00 EUR
Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) 35,00 EUR
Beşiktaş - Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme 35,00 EUR
Yenikapı - Aksaray, Laleli, Beyazıt 35,00 EUR
Otogar Bayrampasa Esenler 45,00 EUR
Bakırköy Yenibosna Zeytinburnu 35,00 EUR
Ports - Karaköy, Sali Pazari, Kabataş 35,00 EUR
Levent - Maslak - Etiler - Zincirlikuyu 35,00 EUR
Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih 35,00 EUR
Eyup - Gaziosmanpasa - Halic 35,00 EUR
Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan 35,00 EUR
Avcılar - Beylikduzu - Esenyurt - Basaksehir 45,00 EUR
Kadikoy - Atasehir - Bostancı - Umraniye 55,00 EUR
Silivri - Selimpasa - Kumburgaz 65,00 EUR
Uskudar - Harem - Haydarpasa 45,00 EUR
Kartal - Maltepe - Suadiye 55,00 EUR
Kilyos 85,00 EUR
Sile - Agva 85,00 EUR
Beykoz - Kavacik - And. Hisari 45,00 EUR
Arnavutköy 35,00 EUR
Sariyer - Tarabya - Yenikoy 45,00 EUR
Pendik - Tuzla - Kurtkoy 65,00 EUR
Gebze - Darıca - Cayirova 100,00 EUR
Izmit 110,00 EUR
Bursa - Uludag 180,00 EUR
Bolu - Abant 180,00 EUR
Yalova 180,00 EUR
Canakkale - Gelibolu - Troy 250,00 EUR
Sapanca - Sakarya - Kartepe 110,00 EUR
Sefaköy 40,00 EUR
Bağcılar 35,00 EUR
Edirne 185,00 EUR
Alibeykoy 35,00 EUR

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