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Originally called Attalia, Antalya's history goes back to 150 BC when it was founded by the king of Pergamon Attalos II. It was visited by very famous missionaries and travelers like Paul the Apostle, Ibn-e-Battuta among many others. The city served as the main harbor for the surrounding areas in the reign of Seljuks and a perfect multi-cultural community of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It is a beautiful coastal area with beautiful beaches, and mind-blowing ancient ruins that have been attracting millions of tourists every year since the 1970s. 

The city was first settled around 150 BC by the Attamlid dynasty of Pergamon and was soon overpowered by the Romans. During the Romans, Antalya thrived and it led to the construction of many new monuments like Hadrian Gate and many new cities. The city and the provincial rule of Antalya province expanded during Seljuk Sultanate back in 1207. Ottoman Empire brought peace and stability to the province till World War 1 when it was seized by Italians. It was recaptured during the War of Independence and was recognized as a major tourist hub. 

Antalya is one of the largest Turkish cities on the Mediterranean coast and the 9th largest city overall in the country. It is also called as pearl city of Mediterranean and Turkish Riviera. This holiday resort city welcomes around 16 million tourists every year to its majestic coastline of beaches with Taurus Mountain providing a magnificent backdrop. The city is located on an altitude of 50 meters shaded with palm trees, narrow winding streets, and picturesque old Kaleici.  

Although the city dates back to Hellenistic times, most of the historical architecture in Antalya states to the medieval Ottoman empire. Most of the ancient masterpieces such as mosques, madrasahs, masjids, and many more relics are reflecting Turkish Islamic character and architecture skills. Historical structures are concentrated mostly in the old part of Antalya and the modern city is around the old Ottoman era houses with old Kaleici being its center.  

Antalya apart from being the coastal city is also famous for its signature cuisines including Piyaz, sis kofte, domates civesi, and diverse cold Mediterranean dishes cooked with olive oil. If you are in the area then you need to enjoy these delicious dishes. The city is also full of exciting cultural activities like art exhibitions, opera, ballet, and symphony orchestras. Most of them are performed at Antalya' Fine Arts Gallery and Aspendos Open Air Theater. You can also go out for entertainment, visiting Kaleici Marina and old Antalya which have restaurants, cafes, and disco places.  

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