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Mugla, the pearl of the Aegean Region, is one of the leading destinations in Turkey with its rich historical and natural legacies, and summer holiday facilities. From Likia Way, Kayakoy, and King Tombs to Bodrum, Dalaman, Marmaris, and Fethiye summer holiday destinations the city offers grandiose and unforgettable experiences for its visitors. You can find various options of daily and package Mugla Tours, Bodrum Tours, Fethiye Tours, Marmaris Tours besides the transportation facilities such as Bodrum Airport shuttle, Dalaman Airport shuttleBodrum Airport taxi, Dalaman Airport taxi, Bodrum Airport transfer, and Dalaman Airport transfer services.

Mugla is a pleasant city located on the edge of the mountain providing the charm of Aegean towns. It is close to the popular resort towns like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye. The city has a population of 61,000 and has a cooler climate in comparison to the hot and humid coastal area. The province of Mugla is the home of the popular holiday cities like Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, and many more beautiful places. The place is loaded with beautiful resorts and comfortable hotels that attract millions of tourists thus making it a top destination. 

There are many places near the town where you can enjoy the crystal clear warm seas. Many underwater enthusiasts divers and adventurous visit the place especially to explore the reefs, caves and the majestic rock formation. You can enjoy multicolored sponges of various shapes and sizes and diverse aquatic life. 

Apart from being an ideal destination for people seeking a relaxing moment, it is also one of the famous cities of the Caria region which is especially known as the Aegean region of Turkey. Its perfect landscape is intermingled with historical sites like Labranda, Lagina, and many more bearing traces of ancient civilization in the Anatolian region.

It is a peaceful and modern city with unique architecture and picturesque homes that have been placed in the protected buildings list.  The city and the province have grown economically and it mostly is dependent on tourism. The city transportation is well connected with all the famous destinations thus proving to be an ideal tourist hub.  

Mugla is only a few kilometers and an hour away from the antique places and beautiful turquoise beaches. Famous beaches like the Blue Lagoon, Beach and Butterfly Valley are all in ones reach. It is also rich in vegetation making it an agricultural front for honey, olives, herbs, and many greenhouse vegetables. The place provides you endless opportunities for indulging in activities like trekking, mountain climbing, gliding, and many other water sports.

Moreover, it is also in close proximity to the lively towns and nightlife. It is a popular destination of the entertainment world and it hosts spectacular festivals, performances, and many concerts.

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