Kayseri Glorious city of Turkey

Kayseri lies in the east of Cappadocia, the city known as Caesarea in Roman times. It has a rich cultural heritage similar to the human settlements in Anatolia. The city has many attractions scattered around the city. Kultepe Mound, located 20 km from the city heritage dating back 6000 years. It was an important trading center in the 2nd millennium BC. Archaeological excavations lead to the unearthing of many articles from the Bronze Age. 

Ruled By Civilizationation

Kayseri is strategically located between states and it has dominated the region for years. It has been ruled by many civilizations and they have left an imprint on its cultural heritage. These are now been excavated and displayed in open-air museums. Some of the famous relics are the rock face reliefs sculpted by the Hittites, the Roman burial structures, the rock-cut churches from the early Christian period and many astounding structures built in Ottoman and Seljuk era. 

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Golden Trading Zone

This city turned into trading colonies back in 1950 BC and served as Assyrian Trading Zone. During that time, It connected the Sardes and Susa. Even todayKayseri has maintained its historical status and serves as an important center of commerce and industry in the modern era of the Turkish Republic. 

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Touristic Zone

The pre-Islamic connection the city can be traced easily among its districts and villages. one such village is Soganli Village of Yesilhisar County, the most visited sites in Kayseri. It is one of the most important touristic zones in the Cappadocia Region with around fifty rock-cut churches scattered in the area. The churches were built in the period between the 4th and 11th centuries and decorated with frescoes. The most striking churches are the Kubbeli, Karabas, and St Barbara with unique architectural masterpiece and decor. 

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Birth Place of Minar Sinan

It is also the birthplace of Mimar Sinan, a famous architect who created and built a famous masterpiece in Istanbul and other principle masterpieces. This house has now been converted into the museum. The museum is located near Asagi, the subterranean city serving as the settlement for the first Christians. 

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Architectural Monuments

It is one of the most prominent monumental building built during the Seljuk and Ottoman eras. The complex comprised of a mosque, madrasah, tomb, and a public bathhouse, each building has its own unique feature. The complex now has become a bustling shopping center with beautifully decorated Doner Kumbet standing since 1276. 

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Kayseri an Educational Centre

In the Seljuk area, it was one of the most important educational centers. Therefore, you can find many madrasahs in the city reflecting the Seljuk architecture. Those who are interested should visit Cifte Madrassah, the first school of anatomy in the region. 

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Carpet and Kilim Weaving

Kayseri is one of the most important carpets and rug manufacturer in the Anatolia region. It is woven in cultural floral patterns retaining centuries-old traditions. It is one of the most important items purchased by tourist during their trip to this famous city. 

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