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On the western side of Cappadocia lies Kayseri. It is over the mountains in the central Anatolia and was famously known as Caesarea in Roman times. This city formed on the extinct Mount Erciyes volcano. The city is a well-known district with famous summer and winter destinations. Kayseri is the 14th largest city in Turkey with a population of 1.5 million people. The city is served by Erkilet Airport that happens to connect the city with other districts.

Kayseri the word means "the city of the Emperor" was ruled by empires from Roman to Ottomans. It was a major important center of learning and knowledge in the Seljuk era. There were many madrassa and theological schools around the district in the historical ruins. If you are history buff then you can find much Seljuk architectural building around the district. You should also visit Cifte Madrassa that was considered as Seljuk school of anatomy and now serves as Gevher Nesibe Medical History Museum and also visit Sahabiye Madrassa. Also visit recently restored 12th century Ulu Mosque, Haci Kilic and 19th century Ataturk Museum.  Ataturk Museum is the historic mansion that is now Ethnography museum. 

In the Byzantine Empire, Caesarea also served as an important city of Christianity. In 4th-century bishop, Basil the Great traveled to Cappadocia to spread and organize Christianity. This is the same time during which early the Christians find safe heaven in the volcanic remains of one of its famous district Cappadocia. It is also famous for its natural wonders like Karpuzbasi Waterfall that is 76 km south from Kayseri and it has many different springs on the mountains with various heights. 

Kayseri happens to be centralized, industrialized and a cultural hub of Turkey. There are many landmarks like Kayseri castle, Mazakaland, and many more places. It is one of the perfect places for winter and summer tourism. It is also famous for its rich cuisines that reflect famous heritages in its dishes. 

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