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Kayseri city is the 14th most crowded city with a population of 1.5 million in Turkey. The city has a well-known district with many famous districts. It also has an airport. Erkilet Airport provides gate-way to the famous city of Cappadocia. The city is located near the Erciyes Mountain which makes it a perfect ski and winter resort.

Kayseri got its name from one of the strongest and famous Roman emperor Julius Ceaser. The word itself means “The city of the Emperor” and this meaning served justice as it was ruled by the famous emperors from rulers of Tsar to Ottoman Empire. It served as a Roman city with Cappadocia being its capital and trading hub. The intersection of Konya, Kayseri, and Aksaray served as the trading zone always bustling with Muslims, Jewish, and Christian traders.  It maintained its current status in Anatolian Seljuk and Ottoman Empire by serving to silk and spice route.

These days Kayseri is a centralized and industrialized city of Turkey. It has many landmarks like Kayseri castle, Doner Dome, Mazakaland and many more places. The landscape of the area and its surrounding hallmarks make it perfect for both winter and summer tourism. Apart from being a historical city, it is also famous for its artworks and traditional Anatolian rugs made by skilled artisans. Kayseri cuisine also reflects its rich heritage that can be found in wheaten dishes, savories, and pies.

Kayseri is located at ideal location connecting it all Anatolian cities like Sivas, Nevhesir, and Ankara through Eriklet Airport. TRANIGO provides all solutions to travel solutions to enjoy your relaxing trip. You can get your guided tour to visit all the sights without missing anything. 

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