Ankara Airport Transport

Ankara Esenboga Airport was built in 2006 with a basic concept of providing easy passage and access to transportation from the airport to the capital. It is equipped with modern technology and services which makes it a friendly place for passengers. Moreover, it is also easily accessible from the airport to the capital. The city center is at least 35 minutes from Ankara Esenboga Airport to the center of Ankara city which is around 30 kilometers approximately.

The city offers a variety of options to travel and commute to Esenboga Airport. This guide will provide you with complete transportation guide to get to Esenboga Airport.


Taxi is another option which offers comfortable transfer for you. It is also an option which is available for 24/7 and can be rented on fare at the Domestic and International Arrivals. The average one-way fare is around 90 TL or 18 euro though sometimes it is considered as one of the expensive options. 

Bus Line 442

There are two types of bus transportation service from Ankara Airport. One of the public transport, bus line 442 runs between the airport and Ankara. It is a service from EGO Genel Mudurlugu, a public transportation company of Ankara. You can get on this bus from Ulus Square, Kizlay Square, and ASTI Square. It leaves every 20 minutes from the city to the airport. The ride is approximately about 70 minutes and the tickets are available from 8 TL from the drivers.

Belko Air

Another option for transportation is around the shuttle bus of Belko Air. It connects directly from the airport and provides transfer 24 hours a day, every 30 minutes during 05.00 and 00.00 hours. The bus service operates from Intercity Bus Terminal to the airport and during the ride, you can get off at designated stops. For more information please check the website.

Havatas Airport Bus

Apart from that, there is also a Havatas bus. Havatas bus departs from the airport every half an hour to the main areas of the city. Following are the few points which are covered by this bus; Esenboğa Airport, Özal Boulevard, Pursaklar, Highway, Optimum Shopping Mall, Wonderland, Sincan Meat and Milk Board, Station Street Eryaman High-Speed Train Station. The total time taken by the bus is approximately 75 minutes. A one way trip to your destination is around TL 12.

Private Rental Car/Taxi Transfer

You can also rent a car from the airport and which can drive you to the hotel. It is more of a comfortable ride option for your hotel. If you are planning a trip to Ankara or need transport or a car then there are many private rental companies which offer this solution at a very cheaper rate. 

There are many private rental companies which offer this solution at a very cheaper rate. If you are looking for comfortable and reliable transfer services to get you to Ankara city then TRANIGO is one of the reliable services operating in Turkey. TRANIGO also covers all your transportation needs from parties to meetings. TRANIGO is the answer to all your taxi service needs. You have many options available to transfer from the airport to different areas of the region. All of them provide comfort which is proportional to the price. For a comfortable ride and transfer to your choice of destination, we recommend that choose TRANIGO. TRANIGO has years of experience with professional drivers and fleet of cars. For more information, please click the link TRANIGO!!!

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