How far is Esenboga Airport is from

How far is Esenboga Airport from 

This guide is there to help you with the distances from the famous destinations. These destinations are around 30 km radius from the main city. You can find economical and reliable transfer services to these destinations. TRANIGO provides the best possible solution for all your travel needs.  

How far is Esenboga Airport from Ankara city

The distance from Ankara Esenboga Airport to the airport center is 30 km. By car, it takes 35 minutes to get to the center of Ankara. 

How far is Esenboga Airport from Anit Kabir

Anit Kabir is a monumental mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), the founder of modern Turkey. This monumental museum sits high above the city and is built with marble. It is consisted of a museum and a ceremonial courtyard and is considered of high importance by Turks. 

How far is Esenboga Airport from Kizilay

The quickest way to get from Kizilay to Ankara (ESB) is through a car. Kizilay is around 25 km away is a hub of trendy outdoor restaurants and fun-spirited place. 

How far is Esenboga from Citadel

Citadel is the most interesting part of Ankara. It is a well-preserved castle with thick walls dating back from 9th century AD. Built by Byzantine emperor Michael II and is 28 km from the Esenboga Airport. 

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