Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia and Spain, is a city with its unique identity. Architects and artists like Antoni Gaudi has helped in giving the city unique characteristics. The city offers everything for everyone from Michelin star restaurant to diverse range of buildings. It has beaches, nightlife, shopping arenas and beautiful gardens. We have listed down top things that can be enjoyed in the famous Barcelona city. 

Park Guell

The park is listed on UNESCO heritage site and is a place where famous artist Antoni Gaudi landscaped the garden. It has unique design that makes the artificial structure conforming to natural environment. It is extremely popular always crowded and entrance is required to pre-booked. 

Sagarada Familia

This is one of the places where you can find the works of Antoni Gaudi. The project is spread on the incredible scale and is still incomplete. Gaudi joined the project force after 140 years. If the project is completed, the church will be one of the tallest church building in the world. The style is amalgamation of several styles like Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Spanish Late-Gothic. 

Casa Milà

The place also known as La Pedrera was completed in 1912 and was designed in Gaudi building. It is one of the most modern works that has been listed on UNESCO heritage site. The place was designed for the industrialist Pere Mila i Camps. The design of the building is in coherence with other buildings.

City Beaches

Barcelona coastline spreads for miles always bustling with locals and tourists. They have trendy shops, bars and restaurants with terraces. There are also famous shopping malls where you can indulge in shopping.

La Boqueria

The place will take you to medieval era to around 200 years. The market has a unique and distinctive look with iron and glass roof. You can enjoy food, shopping experience in the bustling urban market. You will find permanent stalls of fruits, vegetables, cold meat and more.

Camp Nou

This is ground of FC Barcelona since 1957 with a capacity of 99,000 seater stadium. It is considered as the football cathedral and has huge fan following. You need to tour this place and the associated museum with it.

Barcelona City History Museum

The history of Museum displaces ruins such as the temple of Augustus, Funeral Way of Placa del Rei. You can also find the remnants of a garum factory, laundaries, dyeing, shops and parts of ancient Barcino wall. The site is around 4000 square meters with elevated walkways. It gives you a diverse picture of historical Barcelona.

Montjuïc Source

flickr Magic Fountain It was specially developed in 1929 for International Exhibition. The place features National Museum of Catalan Art, the Museum of Archaeology and the Ethnology Museum. There is Magic Fountain that exhibits light and music shows on the weekends. The hill also has 17th century fortress that witnessed Catalan Revolt in the 1600s.

Fundació Joan Miró

Joan Miro was famous Catalonian artist and this museum showcases his spirit and style. It was setup in 60s to promote contemporary art. He worked in close collaboration with architect Josep Lluis Sert.

Gràcia Neighbourhood

Gracia is small town in Catalonia province blooming with young, stylish, and cosmopolitan area with artists. There are also many bars, cafes, and shops giving it a unique taste to the town.

Palau de la Música Catalana

It is UNESCO listed heritage concert hall built by Gaudi, Lluis Domenech i Montaner for the Barcelona choral society. It was a big investment at the time of its construction. This hall is a venue for opera, folk music and symphonies.

Plaça de Catalunya

It is the meeting point for your shopping expedition . You can enjoy the place while roaming around the it on foot. 

Eating in Barcelona 

In Barcelona you can find diverse and international food. You can enjoy Japanese style noodle, Basque-style snacks, Catalan snacks, rice simmered with cuttlefish or squid, sandwiches and many more.

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