Top Romantic Destinations in Europe

Top Romantic Place in Europe


Do you want to go on a romantic getaway and spend some time with your loved one? You are thinking of some romantic song and some scenic place. Here is our selection of the best romantic place in Europe.


1. Venice

This place is full of surprises for you and your loved ones where you can enjoy carnivals to the festival of the Madonna dell'Angelo in Carole.



2. Paris, France


Romantic walks, amazing food, and scenic view is something that you can cherish forever. Paris has its cinematic decor and aura which attracts lovebirds from all across the world. You can go on cruise, walk, shop, eat, or have a romantic getaway here!!




3. Cinque Terre, Italy


It represents one of the best semi-natural areas of the Mediterranean. You can enjoy the typical stone wall which is as extensive as the Great Wall of China. It has a unique view and perfect quiet getaway for intimate settings. 




4. Sintra, Portugal

This place is a jewel set between mountains and the sea. It has historical and luxurious significance. You can enjoy the culturally rich surrounding with amazing food. You can enjoy the aura of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with the Romantic spirit. 




5. Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes


This timeless space is perfect for rendezvous where you can connect with your significant other and feel alive. A walk on the docks of Aix les Bains makes you feel like walking on water with amazing scenery. You can enjoy the horizon and lake in this romantic getaway. 


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