London Postcodes

Do you know how to find an address and how to recognize postcodes in London? If you have never been to London before, you may not have any idea about it. During your first visit, you will notice there are combined two sets of numbers and capital letters. Here it is a short brief that will help you to recognize London Postcodes.

WC (Western Central), W (Western), SW (South Western), SE (South Eastern), NW (North-western), N (Northern), EC (East Central), E (Eastern)

There are also the divisions of these areas. For instance, there are 4 districts in the EC area. Each one of those districts has a number.
Example: EC1 = the head district, EC2 = Bishopsgate, EC3 = Fenchurch Street, and EC4 = Fleet Street.

Moreover, an extra letter can also be added to these codes to indicate a more precise location.
Example: EC area: EC4M = St Paul’s

Here they are some postcodes in London
W1 (Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho)
WC2 (The Strand)

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