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London is one of the largest city and the capital of England and the United Kingdom located on the shore of the River Thames. It is in the southeast of England and around 80 km from the North Sea. It has been inhabited by the people for around 2 millennia and was initially founded by Romans as Londinium according to the tablets recovered. The name of the city has evolved over the years and took the modern form. According to the old folks, the word Lowonida means "river too wide to ford".

The remains of the Bronze Age bridge date back to 1750 BC and was built on the upstream of Vauxhall Bridge. Excavations showed that the large timber structure dates back to 4800 BC that was found on the Thames. This major settlement was founded by the Romans about four years after being invaded in 43 AD. With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the empire came under the subjugation of Anglo-Saxon settlement also known as Lundenwic.

It became a major port on the 680s and later it witness decline when it was repeatedly assaulted by Vikings. It became a major part of Viking settlements that covered most of the eastern and northern England. In1066, England was conquered by William, Duke of Normandy in the famous Batlle of Hastings and became the first king of England. The famous tower, the Tower of London, was built in the Williams era. In this era, London grew economically, educationally and culturally. Most of the current London has come from the Victorian period. Its boundaries were expanded after the Industrial Revolution. At the end of the nineteenth century, London became one of the major international trade and financial hub. 

London city is immersed in the history with eye-opening antique and ruins at every corner of the city. The city has many striking landmarks like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Bens that are easily recognizable landmarks. You can stroll around the old city, museum, ancient quarters while enjoying all the modern facilities of an advanced city.  

London is also the hub of art and culture that instills inspiration and imagination among the dwellers. London has always been known for its independent thinkers and critiques. The creativity of the city is reflected in the theatrical hubs, contemporary art, music, writing, poetry, design, and architecture. Food is another dimension that reflects the richness of the culture. 

The city is a multi-cultural and diverse city with around 270 nationalities and 300 tongues. It is a cosmopolitan city with famous food, music, and fashion. It has famous and historical Museums like the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum that have collections reflecting the century-old history. You can also enjoy the Richmond or Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens that provide a beautiful panoramic view of the River Thames.   

London has six international airports that make it one of the extremely accessible destinations. It is also a perfect hub for a shopping break where travelers can enjoy all kinds of brands. London is one of the best tourist destination and a place to enjoy a prolonged holiday.

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London Postcodes Information

Do you know how to find an address and how to recognize postcodes in London? If you have never been to London before, you may not have any idea about it. During your first visit, you will notice there are combined two sets of numbers and capital letters. Here it is a short brief that will help you to recognize London Post Codes.

WC (Western Central), W (Western), SW (South Western), SE (South Eastern), NW (North-western), N (Northern), EC (East Central), E (Eastern)

There are also the divisions of these areas. For instance, there are 4 districts in the EC area. Each one of those districts has a number.
Example: EC1 = the head district, EC2 = Bishopsgate, EC3 = Fenchurch Street, and EC4 = Fleet Street.

Moreover, an extra letter can also be added to these codes to indicate a more precise location.
Example: EC area: EC4M = St Paul’s

Here they are some postcodes in London
W1 (Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho)
WC2 (The Strand)

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