All About London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom standing on the River Thames on the south-east end of England. The city of Lomdon has been home of many settlements from Romans to Anglo Saxons and Vikings. The name of the city evolved from the word "Lowonida" that literally means a "river too wide to ford". 

The Roman invaded Britain and London back in 43 AD and they laid foundation of the bridge that became the foundation of trade and economic prsperity of the region. During this regein, Romans built many large and impressive building were cnstructed. London became financial district of the United Kingdom and also became the hub of Christianity in early ages.

After 410 AD, London was conrolled and ruled by Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and other famous empures. During this period, the great St. Paul's Cathedral was also constructed. After the famous Battle of Hasting, it officially became a kingdom under the reign of King Williams. After Industrial revolution, London emerged as one of the major economic and financial hub. It grew in all horizon econimically, culturally and educationally and also expanded in breadth.

The breadth and depth of the London city can be judged by striking landmarks that are scattered in each corner of the city. The landmarks like Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and many other famous antique museum and galleries. It served as a centre of creativity, theaterical art, poetry, music, writing, design, architect and food and you can feel from the aura. 

London is one of the multi-cultural and a modern city with around 270 nationalities. It is famous for food, music, and fashion with many museums and galleries reflecting the rich culture. There are also many palaces and Garden on River Thames with beautiful panoramic view. 

It has around six international airport connecting it to all the famous destinations and providing ease to the tourists. It is also hub for shopping and providing break to the tourists to enjoy their visit. 

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