Guide About Izmir

Izmir is one of the largest and most important port city in Turkey. The city was almost rebuilt after the revolutionary war because of which it is a mixture of both high rises building an ancient building. This setting makes it an amazing place to spend time walking and discovering it. The city has a moderate climate with mild winters and warm summers with endless restaurants, bistros, bars, and way many more. It is another reason why tourist flock to Izmir.

The visit to Izmir will not be complete without going on a shopping spree around the Market of Kemer Alti. Here you can buy anything in this bustling bazaar.  It is a commercial zone with shopping centers, cinemas to offices set in small allies. You might lose your way wandering in small allies but don't worry as you will find your way around.

Izmir does not have the coastal line but on the short journey, you can go to Kusadasi and other areas where you can enjoy secluded peaceful beaches. The region has many resorts which are hustling with tourist and attract them with a diverse range of water activities like surfing, sailing, swimming and many other activities.

Perfect weather and fertile land also make this an important agricultural hub. This region is known for the cuisine which is cooked from local produce giving a totally different texture to it. Rich cultural heritage and amalgamation of many nations have given a different flavor to the food. It has famous restaurants, bars, discos and nightclub sharing ancient tales of civilization.

History of this region goes back to 3000 AD and because of that, you can find many historical sites and ruins. These ruins are like short distance Izmir. Some of the places are Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis and many more places to discover. You can enjoy Church of St Polycarp, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography and many more ancient ruins. It is also home of one of seven wonders of the world.

The city and the region have been home to more than 32 civilization like Byzantine, Greeks, Romans, Ottoman and many more nations. This reason makes it an important place from both religious and tourist perspective. If you are planning to come here, spend three or more days so that you can explore the region. It surely will enjoy this city.

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