Facts About Pamukkale

1. Pamukkale also means "cotton castle" in Turkish language. It is white Travertine natural pools that developed and formed over the thousands of years. They resemble fluffy clouds of cotton. 

2. Pamukkale is designated as natural World Heritage Site located in the southwestern region of Turkey. It is only 44 km away from the airport. 

3. There are around 17 hot water springs feeding the mountainside. It is saturated with calcium deposited on the mountain that can be seen in those thermal springs. 

4. You can walk from the top to the bottom and enjoy the natural panoramic view. 

5. These natural thermal pools are not always full of water as the water flow is controlled making the beautiful travertine pools. This keeps the geological structure in check and from damaging. 

6. You can swim in the pools filled with warm water flowing around your feet. Bring your swimsuit and flip-flops so you can easily tread on the mountain. 

7. The travertine has developed a pattern that helps in treading on the mountain carefully. 

8. The legends has it that the water of Pamukkale has beautifying properties that can help you in making your skin clear. Apparently the ugly girl threw herself in the pool when she failed to find the true love. She was found by prince of Denizli who married her and found her as the most beautiful lady of the region. According to the legend the water has special properties for clarifying the skin. 

9. These pools have been used for centuries since the empire of Hierapolis. The castle of Hierapolis is still visible from the Pamukkale mountains. 

10. Pamukkale is around 100 meters in height and is 20 km away from Denizli.

11. There are around 17 hot water springs

12. Every year around 2 million visitor travel Pamukkale to visit the famous ruins and travertine mountains

13. In 1988 Pamukkale was designatd as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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