It is very rare to find a good restaurant serving delicious fish. Trilye, located in Anatolian plateau, is considered as one of the best dining options in Ankara. The restaurant founded in 2002 by two enthusiast Chefs Sureyya Uzmez and his wife. 

Located in the Gaziosmanpasa district, Trilye welcomes people for healthy and tasteful seasonal palates. Giving an ambiance of blue light with a courtyard and trees and wide windows set the perfect theme for any evening. Chef Sureyya Uzmez is famous for serving great food and entertain his guests. Each night, the chef comes out to thank guests before disappearing and serving amazing menu choices like shellfish, dentex, swordfish and semolina icecream.


Address : Kazim Ozalp Mah. Kuleli Caddesi No.32 Eyup ANKARA / TURKEY

Telephone : +90 312 447 12 00 (PBX)


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