Zurich Airport Transfer Local Transportation in Zurich

Zurich Airport Transfer Local Transportation in Zurich

Thanks to its location and historic sites, Zurich has a unique position in Switzerland. It is the capital and the most popular city of the country. In terms of economy, industry, and tourism, the city hosts a large number of big companies. Because of this reason, it is also known as the financial centre of the country. Thus, the city welcomes millions of visitors that are relevant to those financial fields each year.

The city can be accessed through Zurich Airport that is the busiest international airport in the country with more than 30 million passengers every year, offering flights to over 150 destinations. This airport is also known as Kloten International Airport due to its location. The airport is located in the north of the city centre. The distance from airport to the city centre is nearly 7 miles. It takes long approximately 20 minutes to get to the city centre of Zurich.

Here you can find some important How to Get information to help you reach from/to Zurich (Kloten) International Airport to/from other locations in the city.

Zurich Card

With this card, the card holders can get on public transportation in Zurich city centre and some other regions such as fare zones 121, 140,150,154,155. If you are a Zurich Card holder, you can also utilize the utilities below;

1- You can have Uetliberg Mountain excursion.
2- You can easily get a transfer service between Zurich City Center and Zurich International Airport.
3- Cruise on Limmat River and short-term boat trips.

Public Transportation in Zurich (Train, Bus, Cable Car, Tram)

ZVV (The Zurich Transportation Network) has been used as web of cable cars, buses, trains and trams that link every corner including Zurich International Airport in the city with a reasonable price. You can easily buy or top up your ticket from the ticket machines. Don’t forget to check its validity. You can choose the most appropriate transportation option depending on your location or destination.


You can get a taxi by phone in Zurich. It generally requires a waiting time of 10-15 minutes till the taxi reaches to your location. You make payment around 8-9 CHF for every kilometer. It seems extremely expensive, but it is one another faster option for getting your address in an urgent situation.  


There are some companies that have been operating boat transportation on the Lake Zurich since 19th century. They provide you round-trip services including several stops for travellers that would like to have a scenic transportation and get around the city. It takes an hour and a half and costs around 9 CHF. You can also get a long round-trip journey. It takes around four hours and costs around 23 CHF.

Private Zurich International Airport Transfer

For a more comfortable ride, Private Rental Car is the answer to all your needs. It can drive you to any place from Zurich International Airport to the ancient relics, museums, or a drop to your hotel. If you are planning a trip to Zurich, then there are many famous companies in the city offering you with economical and comfortable solutions. TRANIGO is one of the most famous and oldest companies offering Zurich International Airport Transfer, Zurich International Airport Taxi, Zurich International Airport Shuttle services to its customers both domestically and internationally. TRANIGO is the answer to all your taxi and limousine needs. Whether you want a ride for a party or to a meeting or an airport transfer, TRANIGO is the one to go for. TRANIGO has years of experience with professional drivers and fleet of cars. For more information, please click the link TRANIGO!!!

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