Vienna Taxis

Vienna Taxis: A Guide for Travellers

Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you will find plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy. But how do you get around the city? One of the most convenient and comfortable ways is by taxi. Taxis in Vienna are reliable, safe, and easy to find. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Vienna taxis, such as how to order one, how much they cost, and what to expect.
Vienna Taxis

How to Order a Taxi in Vienna

There are several ways to order a taxi in Vienna, depending on your preference and situation. Here are the main options:

- Phone or app: You can call one of the major taxi companies in Vienna, such as Taxi 60 1 60, Taxi 40 100, or Taxi 31 300. You can also use their mobile apps to book a taxi online. You will need to provide your pick-up and drop-off locations, and the number of passengers. You can also request a specific type of vehicle, such as a station wagon, a minivan, or a wheelchair-accessible taxi. When you order a taxi by phone or app, you will have to pay an extra fee of 2.80 euros.

- Taxi stand: You can go to one of the many taxi stands in the city, where you can find taxis waiting for customers. You can recognize a taxi stand by the yellow sign with the word "Taxi". You can also use the interactive city map of Vienna to locate the nearest taxi stand. When you take a taxi from a stand, you don't have to pay any extra fee.

- Flagging down: You can also flag down a taxi on the street, as long as it is not in a restricted area, such as a bus lane, a pedestrian zone, or a one-way street. You can tell if a taxi is available by looking at the taxi sign on top of the car. If the sign is illuminated, it means the taxi is free. If the sign is dark, it means the taxi is occupied or reserved. When you flag down a taxi, you don't have to pay any extra fee.
Vienna Taxis

How Much Do Taxis in Vienna Cost

Taxis in Vienna charge by the meter, which means the fare depends on the distance and the duration of the trip. The taxi rates are set by the authorities and are the same for all taxis. You can see the current rates on the sticker inside the taxi. Here is a summary of the rates:

- Basic fee: The basic fee for taxis in Vienna is 3.80 euros during the day (6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) and 4.30 euros during the night (11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.).
- Kilometer fee: The kilometer fee for taxis in Vienna is 1.42 euros for the first 4 kilometers, 1.08 euros for the next 5 kilometers, and 1.05 euros for each additional kilometer during the day. During the night, the kilometer fee is 1.62 euros for the first 4 kilometers, 1.28 euros for the next 5 kilometers, and 1.18 euros for each additional kilometer.
- Waiting fee:The waiting fee for taxis in Vienna is 27.80 euros per hour. This applies to standing and waiting time, such as traffic jams, red lights, or stops requested by the customer.

The taxi driver is obliged to take the shortest and cheapest route, unless you agree on a different route. You can also ask for an estimate of the fare before you start the trip. The taxi driver must give you a receipt at the end of the trip.

You can pay for your taxi ride in cash, with a debit card, or with a credit card. If you pay with a card, you may have to show your identification. You can also tip the taxi driver if you are satisfied with the service. A tip of 10% is customary.

How to Get a Taxi to or from the Airport

If you need to get a taxi to or from the Vienna International Airport, which is located about 20 kilometers from the city center, you have two options:

- Regular taxi: You can order a regular taxi by phone, app, or taxi stand, as described above. However, you must specify that you want to go to or from the airport, otherwise you will have to pay an extra fee of 13 euros for the return trip of the taxi. The fare for a regular taxi to or from the airport is calculated by the meter, and it can vary depending on the traffic and the route. The average fare is around 40 euros.
- Airport taxi: You can also book an airport taxi, which is a special service that offers a fixed price of 36 euros (for Taxi 40100 and 60160) or 39 euros (for Taxi 31300) for a maximum of 4 passengers. The fixed price is valid only for a direct trip from an address in Vienna to the airport, or vice versa. You can book an airport taxi online, by phone, or by email. You can also find airport taxis at the airport, in front of the arrivals hall. There are also other airport taxi companies that offer different prices and services, such as limousines, minibuses, or wheelchair-accessible taxis. You can find a list of airport taxi companies as below. 
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Vienna Airport Taxis

What to Expect from Taxis in Vienna

Taxis in Vienna are generally clean, comfortable, and well-maintained. Most taxis are sedan cars, but you can also find station wagons, minivans, or vans for larger groups or luggage. The most common taxi brands are Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Skoda. Most taxis are white, but you can also find taxis in other colors, such as yellow, green, or blue.

The taxi drivers in Vienna are professional, courteous, and helpful. They must have a valid taxi license and a badge with their name and photo. They must also speak German and English, and some of them may speak other languages as well. They can also provide you with information and tips about the city, such as the best places to visit, eat, or shop.

Taxis in Vienna are subject to some rules and regulations that you should be aware of. For example:

- There is an obligation to transport, which means that every taxi driver must take you to any destination within the city limits, unless there is a valid reason to refuse.
- There is a smoking ban, which means that neither the taxi driver nor the passengers are allowed to smoke inside the taxi.
- There is a seat belt requirement, which means that both the taxi driver and the passengers must wear seat belts at all times.
- There is a luggage allowance, which means that you can bring up to 10 kilograms of luggage per person for free. If you have more luggage, you may have to pay an extra fee of 1 euro per piece.
Vienna Taxis


Taxis in Vienna are a great way to get around the city, especially if you value convenience, comfort, and speed. Taxis in Vienna are easy to order, affordable, and reliable. With this guide, you will have no problem finding, booking, and enjoying a taxi ride in Vienna. We hope you have a wonderful time in this amazing city!

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