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Trabzon is one of the preeminent destinations in Turkey with its rich historical and natural legacies. From Hagia Sophia Church, and Sumela Monastery, to Uzungöl, Maçka, and Ayder Plateau, the city offers grandiose and unforgettable experiences for its visitors. You can find various options of Daily Trabzon City Tours, Trabzon Nature Tours, and transportation facilities such as Trabzon Airport shuttle, Trabzon Airport taxi, and Trabzon Airport transfer services. 

Trabzon, formerly known as Trebizond, is the largest historical city on the coast of the Black Sea in the northeastern corner of Turkey. It is also the capital of the province with the same name of Trabzon. It is a well-known city for its hospitability, energetic and a distinct city from the rest of the country. Trabzon has been a significant focal point because of its location on Silk Road. The land is surrounded by many forests, mountains and many rivers making it more unique than other parts of the country. From humid weather to rare snowfall, the city experiences all-weather and is perfect for tourism. The city is well-connected with other cities in Turkey and is a famous harbor for international shipping traffic in the Black Sea. 

Trabzon has always been the center of culture, languages, and trade gateway to Persia and Caucasus. In the past Trabzon served as a trade zone where people famously traded silk, linen and woolen fabric from famous countries like Genoese, Venetian and many more. Similar to modern Istanbul, Trabzon was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond between 1204 and 1461. One of the main reasons for this power was its accessibility to the Black Sea and it became an important port city. It was also an independent state for several periods and controlled from Sinop to Georgia in the east. The region was so popular destination for renowned travelers like Marco Polo, Xenophon, Evliya Celebi, Fallmerayer and Frunze who immortalized their journey in travel books. 

The foundation of Trabzon was laid by Greek Colonists from Sinope in 756 BC. They named the location "Trapezous" meaning "table" mainly because of the geography of the location. Trabzon was a renowned trade center, connecting Europe, Persia, and Romania through the Black Sea and the silk road. After the Roman conquest, the trade in the region also attracted Turkmen. It was captured by Ottoman in 1461 and helped them in exploring more areas. It also served as a point for European in extending the war to Asian and eastern domains. Thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk it became the part Republic of Turkey and constitutes as the largest urban capital city of the Turkish Black Sea.

It is now one of the cities that a gateway from Europe and has amazing and picturesque places. The city continues to be an important center of commerce and culture. It has many museums, monasteries, mosques, bath-houses, and covered bazar depicting the civic architecture, and fantastic landscape. It is also home of the famous jewel 13th-century Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia that is now the Ayasofya Mosque. It also has Sumela Monastery overlooking the valley of Altindere, located in Altindere National Park. The monastery served for monks. It is covered with brilliant frescos.  

Apart from these famous gems, Trabzon is also home of Camburnu coast that is the host of migrating birds and golden pine trees. It also has famous national parks like Uzungol Nature Park that is rich in flora and stunning wildlife. These national parks have accommodation and picnic areas for tourists. Apart from natural wonders, Trabzon is also the house of famous cuisine offering local dishes with great flavors. 

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