Most Common Types of Scams

Most Common Types of Scams

- Taximeter

Taxi meters are always problem there is no way to understand taxi rates and currencies at the same time before your trip just try to look up some destinations in which country you are or bargain before You enter but don’t thing all taxi drivers are scammers.


- Fake police scam

Just assume that you are a tourist and you don’t want any kind of problem in your holiday but fake polices try to mislead you and get your money you don’t get used to that uniform but it says police are they blackmail .You should never forget real police never tries to scam you


- Spill on your clothes

Oh I am so sorry I spilled on you but it is a lie he make it on purpose and after it he stole your purse or necklace with his napkin


- Fight scam

Scams are basically based on surprise and get money from you . in crowded area two citizen start a fight everybody somehow indeed it an as a tourist superhero you try to calm them down but after your wallet is gone who will be going to calm you


Wi-Fi point scams as a tourist you need Wi-Fi more than normal times but so many passwords or even credit card numbers and passwords before you give your information please make sure that the wi-fi provider is reliable

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