How Far is Kiev From

This guide is there to help you with the distances between Kiev and other famous destinations. These destinations are around spread across the Ukraine and Kiev. You can find economical and reliable transfer services to these destinations. TRANIGO provides the best possible solution for all your travel needs.  

Distance From Kiev and St. Sophia's Cathedral

The Cathedral is around 6 minutes away from the city centre. This Cathedral is dates back to 11th century and is decorated with frescoes and mosaics. 

Distance From Kiev and Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

The literary and memorial museum is only 5 kms from the City Centre. It is devoted to the famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov and his writings. 

Distance Between Kiev and Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

It is only 5.8 km from the city centre. The place dates back to 11th century and served as Orthodox monastery and served as the earliest monasteries of Kievan Rus. 

Distance From Kiev and Mariyinsky Palace

This beautiful Palace is only 3.9 km away from city centre and was built in 1744. It was formerly known as Tsarskoe and was built by Bartolomeo Rastrelli. 

Distance Between Kiev and St. Michael Monastery

The place is 2.6 km and 13 minutes away from Kiev City Centre. The St. Michael's monastery dates back to 900 years and is only two minutes away from St. Sophia and St. Andrew. 

Distance Between Kiev and National Opera of Ukraine

The building is only 2.1 km and has French Neo-Renaissance architect. It is a cultural centre for Ukrainian and Russian theatre. 

Distance Between Kiev and National Opera of Ukraine

The Pirohiv Open Air Museum is located in the outskirts of the Kiev showcasing samples of wooden construction from 16th-19th century. It is around 23 minutes and 16.3 km away from the City Centre. 

Distance Between Kiev and Golden Gates

The Golden Gate dating back to Kievan Rus is only 2.5 km from the city centre. The place has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage site.  and served as a grand entrance and defensive structure in earlier times.

Distance Between Kiev and Lviv

It is only 6 hours and 19 minutes and 540 km away from Kiev city centre. This is famous for western architecture and is UNESCO protected Old town with beautiful narrow streets, churches and museums. 

Distance Between Kiev and Chernihiv
It is only 144 km and 2 hours away from Kiev city centre. The city also known as Little Vienna is rich in Austro Hungarian architectural heritage. 

Distance Between Kiev and Kharkiv

It is only 490 km and 6 hours away from Kiev city centre. It has one of the famous Freedom Square that is also the largest squares in Europe that was built in 1928.

Distance Between Kiev and Mukacheve

It is only 9 hours and 770 km away from Kiev city centre. It is charming destination with Austro Hungarian architect building adjacent to impressive castle.

Distance Between Kiev and Chernihiv

It is only 8 hours and 527 km away from Kiev city centre. It is one of the oldest city in Ukrain and was an important Kievan Rus. 

Distance Between Kiev and Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

It is only 2.3 hours and 207 km away from Kiev city centre. The park was built by Polish noble Stanislaw Potocki as gift for his wife. It has famous European gardening design. 

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