Edinburgh is capital of Scotland and is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth's southern shore. The city is identified as the capital of Scotland since the 15th century and has been a place with the seat of Government, supreme courts and the Scottish Parliment. It is also the centre of science, medicine, literature, philosophy, and financial centre of United Kingdom. The city has long history connected to it and is second most popular tourist destination attracting around 2 million visitors. It is second most populous city with around 500,000 people. 

The earliest known habitation in the city was at the location of Cramond that dates back to 8500 BC. Here you can find traces of Bronze and Iron Age on the Castle Rock, Arthur Seat and other places. It had been ruled by Romans and other famous Celtic tribes. In 16th century it became part of English throne and became united under the crown. It has defensive town wall but with population explosion many skyscraper were built in the surrounding of the city. 

It is home to National Museum of Scotland, National Library of Scotland and the Scotish NAtional Gallery. It is also famous art and cultural city hosting famous Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe. The Fring is one of the largest annual international art festival. There are many hsitoric sites in Edinburgh like Edinburgh Castle, the paleace of Holyroodhouse, Greyfriars and many more famous places that were built in 18th/19th centuries. Edinburgh Old and New Town have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

You can feel the sense of history all around in Edinburgh and it will not disappoint you if you are interested in enjoying the flavour of old scotland. Roaming in the cobbled alleys of old town and admiring the Georgian splendour is a story in itself. It is more than a historical city as it also home to Michelin starred restaurants than in anyother part of the United Kingdom serving the Scottish food with original ingredients and Scotch Whiskey. 

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