How Far is Barcelona from

How Far is Barcelona city centre  from La Sagrada Familia

This happens to be one of the top tourist destinations in Spain. The church was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1882. The building is still unfinished but its unique and breath-taking construction makes it a worth visiting site. It is only 7 minutes distance. 

La Sagrada Familia

How Far is Barcelona city centre from Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is famous for its architecture and design. It was designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi in 1904 and was remodelled version of the old house. Since then it has been refurbished many times. IT is only a minute away from the City Centre.

Casa Batllo

How Far is Barcelona city centre from the Picasso Museum

The museum has a painting of famous painter Picasso. It displays his work from his work in chronological order. It gives you an insight into the thoughts behind designs. It is only 2 km away from the city centre and can be reached in a few minutes drive. 

picasso museum


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