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Barcelona Airport transfer

Barcelona is the capital of Spain and of the community of Catalonia with a population of 1.6 million. It is located on the North Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain and is around 2 hours away from the French Pyrenees. It is one of the largest metropolitan city on the Mediterranean Sea lying between the river Llobregat and Besos. The city of Barcelona is surrounded by the Serra de Collserola mountain range. According to the sources and myths, the word Barcelona was named by the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca back in 3rd century BC.

Although the origin of the earliest settlement cannot be pointed out, the remains from the Neolithic and early Chalcolithic periods. It was founded by the Romans at the end of the 1st century BC and later merged with the Kingdom of Aragon. It was an economic and administrative centre of this crown and the capital of Principality of Catalonia. For 200 years, Muslims ruled by Spain and Barcelona followed by the conquest of Christians. During this time it became the part of the Carolingian Empire and flourished both politically and economically flourished. In the 20th century, the city underwent modernization that is also reflected in the architecture and artistic mediums. It finally gained independence in 1936 following the Civil War.



Barcelona El-prat Airport
Any Other With in The City 53,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barcelona City Center 53,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barça Football Match 72,50 €


Barcelona El-prat Airport
Any Other With in The City 78,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barcelona City Center 78,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barça Football Match 97,50 €


Barcelona El-prat Airport
Any Other With in The City 153,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barcelona City Center 153,75 €

Barcelona El-prat Airport
Barça Football Match 172,50 €

Barcelona also served as a rich cultural heritage and tourist destination of Europe. The city of Spain is famous for the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, Lluis Domenech that has been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Barcelona also has renovated and preserved building dating from the 4th century making it a famous tourist destination. Surrounding it are the building constructed by famously Antoni Gaudi. The city has been home to many famous painters like Picasso and Miro who have played to great influence in shaping the city. Many museums and galleries are dedicated to their great work where you can witness these masterpieces of art. 

It is also known as entertainment, media, fashion, and science hub in the world. Apart from fashion, Barcelona is known for its bustling street filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops scattered in the city. The Ramblas is in the heart of Barcelona and is one of the first stops for every visitor. If you think that the city is overloaded with art and culture then you can spend the day on the sandy beaches of Barcelona and enjoy relaxing in the sun. It is also the best place to enjoy the best seafood in the Mediterranean region. 

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