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Adana is a southern city in Turkey located on the shores of the Seyhan river. The city is around 35 km away from the Mediterranean sea. It is also the administrative capital of Adana province and is the 5th most populated city in Turkey with a population of 3 million. It is spread on 70 km encircling the cities of Mersin, Tarsus, and Adana. 

The history of the region dates back to 6000 BC. Adana was part of the region called Cilicia. It used to be one of the first kingdoms that were ruled by Kizzuwatna in 1335 BC. It was ruled by many famous empires like Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantine, Abbasies, Seljuk and Ottomans. It was famously conquered by Alexender the Great in 335-334 BCE and later under Abbasid Arabs in the 7th century. Adana gained its importance during the Byzantine Empire with the construction of bridges, government buildings, irrigation, and the plantation system. Later in the Ottoman era, it was granted as the provincial capital in 1867.

Adana is as one of the mysterious places in the civilization that left the ruins behind that can be traced. The famous ancient city of Misis is located on the Ceyhan River. Similarly, another famous ancient civilization, which is called Yakapinar, dates back to the Hittite Period, and this civilization served as the military ground. One of the most historic monuments in the area is a stone bridge 220 yards long on the spanning the Seyhan river. The bridge was constructed in the era of Byzantine emperor Justinian I and was renovated/restored many times in the 8th-9th centuries. Each corner of Adana and the region has ancient ruins that surely are worth for touristic visits. Adana also has the privilege of having one of the ruins of Anazarbus. These ruins are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Adana is an agricultural and industrial center of Turkey, and it is because of the fertile valleys and being on the bridgehead on the Anatolian-Arabian trade routes. It is also the center of Turkish cotton industry and has many manufactural setups of textiles, agriculture and vegetable oils.

The city is near the Seyhan Dam and Lake making it a cool and peaceful place where you can escape from the heat. In comparison to other cities, it has a small shoreline. However, some of the beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy clear waters, are near Adana. Karatas Beach is just only half an hour away from Adana and near the ancient city of Magarsus. Adana is a perfect destination where you can enjoy an arduous walk, refreshing swim, and sites of historic interest. Hundred of year existence and being ruled by many empires have given it a unique cultural identity. It has timber houses crafted with wood and copper. It is famous for wooden and copper artifacts, woven fabrics. Adana is also famous for its sensational and spicy food specifically famous Adana Kebab. 

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