Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle

Sharm El Sheikh offers service in the Red Sea resorts and attractions in the Sinai Peninsula for travelers. To get to and from the airport, Sharm El Sheikh shuttle services are available among various transportation options.

Here you can find some information about Sharm El Sheikh Airport shuttle services:

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle Booking

Sharm El Sheikh Airport typically offers shuttle services that connect the airport to various destinations within Sharm El Sheikh and the surrounding areas. These shuttle services are a cost-effective option for travellers. 

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle Vehicle Types

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle vehicles are comfortable midibuses, buses, or vans equipped with air conditioning. 

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle Schedules

We highly advise you to coordinate your flight schedule with the shuttle service's departure times. Make sure your flight details and the most appropriate shuttle pick up time.

How To Book Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle

You can easily book the Sharm El Sheikh shuttle service in advance through our website. To ensure shuttle availability, pre-booking is recommended.

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle Durations

Here you can find average durations from/to the most popular areas.

- Ras Nasrani - around 30 minutes.

- Nabq Bay - around 40 minutes.

- Sharks Bay - around 40 minutes.

- Sharm Port - around 45 minutes.

- Om Elsid - around 50 minutes.

- Dahab - around 75 minutes.

Sharm El Sheikh Shuttle Prices

The fare varies based on factors such as the destination, and the hotel locations. 

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