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Located on the south of Aegean Sea, Santorini is one of the Cyclades Island. Situated between Ios and Anafi, the island of Santorini is famous for its stunning views. The island was created after a huge volcanic eruption, which shaped Santorini caldera. For this reason, the island of Santorini is known as the Pearl of Islands in Greece. It is also regarded as the most popular island of the country with nearly 20.000 inhabitants.

Santorini is at the forefront with lots of choices for entertainment it provides. You can see many famous bars and night clubs in almost every street of the island. Koo Club, Town Club, Casablanca, Tango, Two Brothers, Kira Thira, Wet Stories, Jojo, Chili, Franco’s, Night Flight, Sun Spirit, Crystal, Murhpy’s Bar, Bob’s Bar, and Buddha-Bar, among many others, invite you on enjoyable nights with lots of choices of beverages. By the way, you should definitely try Santorini wines like Vinsanto, Mavrontragano, and Assyrtiko in these bars and clubs. The city’s social life is not limited to nightlife, as Santorini hosts many different kinds of festivals throughout the year. The most notable of these are Megaron Gyzi Festival, Santorini Jazz Festival, Ifestia, and International Music Festival of Santorini.

Santorini’s culinary culture is also very famous. It has a perfect combination of seafood and salads. Countless restaurants serving delicious Greek flavours are definitely worth-visiting. Metaxi Mas, To Psaraki, Aroma Avlis, Anemoloos, Ammoudi Fish Tavern, Argo, Naoussa, Lauda, Yalos and Pitogyros are among the best restaurants in Santorini with food specialities.

Known for its stunning caldera, the volcano, and the romantic sunset, Santorini is regarded as one of the top places to visit in Europe. Perched on the edge of steep cliffs, the picturesque villages of Santorini such as Fira, Karterados, Firostefani, Vothonas, and Oia, provide visitors with unforgettable memories. In addition to its beautiful villages, the island of Santorini is home to a wide variety of golden beaches, namely Red Beach, Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, Vlychada, Agios Georgios, Cape Columba, Monolithos, White Beach, and Vourvoulos. These beaches are different from other beaches in Greece because of their geographical features.

The island of Santorini also appeals to many people with its artistic heritage and honourable traditions. There are a great number of historical places for sightseeing. If you want to experience the daily life in and learn about the culture and history of the island, you should definitely visit the following historical places: Panagia Episkopi, Three Bells of Fira, Cathedral of Saint Johm the Baptist, Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, Ancient Thera, Byzantine Castle Ruins, and Monastery of Dominican Sisters.

A sunny summer day would be the perfect time to visit the island. Santorini will definitely become one of your greatest memories with its distinctive nature. The island of Santorini invites you on a new experience, so what are you waiting for?

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