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See the Most Beautiful Places in Turkey with Deca Turizm!

Dear Traveler,

Deca Turizm was established in 2001, to introduce a new concept to the turkey travel market "Mini Tours". These efficient yet well-paced excursions have since our founding departed year-round to the most majestic locations on both the east and west coasts of North Turkey. While other tour companies were offering long tours, we inaugurated “Mini Tours” for the FIT traveler.

Our personally crafted voyages allow one the ability to visit Turkey and MiddleEast on one’s own while still and incorporating either a short or extended tour for a part of the vacation. Deca Turizm has expanded to include extended tours. So as well as the concentrated look at the panoramas and metropolises we operate tours which are in-depth yet still efficiently chartered. Our tours are from one day to eleven-days in duration and offered in different temporal sequences on both coasts. Unique to the travel industry, we operate our tours by vans, minibusses, and uses depending on the number of passengers we have. This gives our traveling customer the guaranteed assurance that the tour will operate and not be canceled due to not meeting the minimum number of required passengers.

Our tours cater to all nationalities. We have professional Multi-lingual tour guides who are all trained by us. All of our guides are knowledgeable in history, attractions, and local customs of the places we travel to and through and will provide enriching information throughout the tour. We are members of The Travel IndustryAssociation of Turkey in İstanbul, Türsab and Company, ( Turkeyofficialtourism web site), and we are licensed by the Turkısh government for the operation of commercial vehicles, SAIB We offer an exciting way to experience the cities and natural wonders of Turkey.

Our services:

Airport Transfer

Hotel reservation

Tour packages

Flight ticket-booking

We wish you a nice trip!

BRUNO Turizm Reviews

A*** C*** 7.10.2021 08:00:24
Our flight landed at 16:54, we had no luggage and went straight to the exit. There was chaos and looking for drivers. Eventually, we went to the underground parking and there we had to wait again. We were picked up at 18:10 and because of the traffic jams and a fact that the driver had other passengers to drop off first, we arrived at the hotel near Topkapi at 19:55. I informed the driver after passing the bridge that we want to get off and walk to the hotel (it was 10 mins walk) but he didn't let us and was driving for the next 25 mins around the old town. Next time I'm just ordering a taxi using the mobile app and it will be much faster and direct. And I will not have to worry that the shuttle will get cancelled as was the case for the other passenger booking from the same company and waiting at the parking. She had to take the taxi anyway after waiting for a long time.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih Date: 6.10.2021


O*** A*** 19.09.2021 23:52:11
I got to know this site for the first time by chance because I was looking for transport in a van for the comfort of my family. I booked the ride on the plane before taking off. Other internet agencies require a minimum of 12 hours before booking. I was immediately contacted by email and via Whats app. I greatly appreciated the agency's responsiveness. I was given all the information possible, it reassured me to have direct contact and reachable at all times. the driver was unbelievably nice. the Van was comfortable with bottled water and sweets available. I booked again through the site for my return very early in the morning. punctuality and top service! unbeatable price: I recommend 100% !! thank you for your professionalism

From: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih to: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) Date: 19.09.2021


D*** A*** 8.09.2021 06:32:08
Great service

From: Bursa - Uludag to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 8.09.2021


*** O*** 6.09.2021 10:17:14
used 2 times, from the hotel to the airport. the car was delivered to the hotel at a precise time, the driver entered the hotel lobby, brought the luggage, loaded it, opened the doors for us, turned on pleasant music. recommend

From: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih to: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) Date: 6.09.2021


V*** O*** 4.09.2021 08:20:44
ordered a taxi from the airport to the hotel 4 hours before arrival, everything was organized promptly, the car delivered us to the desired hotel for a good price

From: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih Date: 3.09.2021


W*** A*** 2.09.2021 21:08:14
Pick up process was a hassle, but otherwise good experience. They did not have my name under reservation, but luckily it was quickly fixed. I was expecting the process to be much quicker, but I did not like that we had to wait for other passengers to be brought down to the car. We waited I think almost 15-20 minutes, and I think it might have been quicker to just use a regular taxi. The workers were otherwise working hard and did their job good. Driver could have been more careful with his driving.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih Date: 2.09.2021


J*** K*** 30.08.2021 10:45:38
When we arrived at the airport in Istanbul there seemed to be a bit of chaos after we found B1 for our driver. Someone greeted us but the we had to wait 15 mins before we escorted down stairs. Then waited another 10mins for someone to pick us up and it wasn’t ever from the service we booked with. When we finally got into a car the driver was friendly. However, he started to smoke without asking if we minded. Made for an uncomfortable ride. Fair warning the driver would only take cash. No means to accepting credit card for the remainder of payment we owed.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih Date: 25.08.2021


T*** N*** 29.08.2021 23:25:33
Driver was a little bit late and there was a confusion with the payment, which delayed us a bit longer.

From: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 29.08.2021


Demid Golikov 14.08.2021 14:15:16
The pick up was a real mess. It took a second to find the right representative at the exit but then we had to wait 20 minutes in the crowd, move to the upper level without any clear information what’s going on. Perhaps that’s not entirely the Tranigo’s fault - it looks like the poor traffic&parking management of the SAW’s authorities.

From: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to: Sultanahmet (Old City) Date: 13.08.2021


Nikolay Vanchev 19.10.2020 01:07:27
We booked total of 4 transfers with TRANIGO in July and August 2020 and were delighted by the service. Some of our flights were canceled and we had to reschedule our transvers too. We had an amazing and very professional support by Mr. Gürhan who was very quick in assisting us and providing detailed information where and how to meet the drivers. Definitely will use Tranigo on our next vacation. Nick, U.K.

From: Sirkeci - Eminönü to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 2.08.2020


Ali Malik 7.10.2020 20:07:03
I appreciated the quick booking options through Internet and WhatsApp. The only recommendation I can make is that since language barriers exists, lease equip your drivers with Turkish to English and other language translation apps. The driver was very punctual and the service was excellent.

From: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 6.10.2020


Bradley Brenneman 23.09.2020 07:18:12
Thank you for the on time and excellent transfers. And special thank you to Gurhan for the fast and very helpful communication by Whatsapp.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Beşiktaş - Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme Date: 20.09.2020


Zeljko Felstinski 10.09.2020 11:33:37
I have had a very pleasant experience with Tranigo on my way to the Istanbul Airport from Sultanahmet. We arranged for the ride after midnight which was not a problem. Driver was at the address some 10 minutes before waiting for us, he was very polite and professional. The ride through busy streets of Istanbul was as smooth as one could have, some of us even fell asleep. All I can do now is highly recommend Tranigo.

From: Sultanahmet (Old City) to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 7.09.2020


Florence Joseph 15.07.2020 16:34:01
They respond right away if I had any questions and they were on time

From: Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) to: Istanbul Airport (IST) Date: 15.07.2020


Ahmed Ismail 9.03.2020 18:27:25
Customer did not leave her/his opinion. Only did the scoring.

From: Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) to: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) Date: 5.03.2020


Ferhat Erken 5.01.2020 19:04:53
Danke für reibungslosen Transfer gerne wieder 👍👍

From: Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan to: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) Date: 5.01.2020


Ferhat Erken 31.12.2019 19:55:07
Sayın Yaşar bey, araç konusunda eksik puan vermek zorunda kaldım Vito yazılıp Renault gelmesi biraz tuhaf oldu 🤷🏻‍♂️Benim için farketmez ama ileriye dönük sizin için Feedback olarak kabul edebilirsiniz , yeni yılınızı kutlar sağlıklı mutlu huzurlu yıllar dilerim

From: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to: Sisli - Mecidiyekoy - Bomonti - Caglayan Date: 31.12.2019


Xavier Duran Ramirez 30.12.2019 16:37:50
Perfect service. Driver arrived before the scheduled time. Big and clean car. Very happy with this service

From: Topkapi - Findikzade - Fatih to: Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) Date: 30.12.2019


LEYA CHIHA 17.12.2019 18:45:19
Honestly after using Tranigo for more than 10 times, this time was the worst !!! From Istanbul new airport to Taksim, very bad driver, not responsible, not respectful.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Taksim , Beyoglu (New City) Date: 17.12.2019


Jibran Abbasi 15.12.2019 19:04:45
On time. Driver was excellent.

From: Istanbul Airport (IST) to: Sultanahmet (Old City) Date: 15.12.2019