All About Paris

The foundation of Paris was set up in the 3rd century BC by Celtic tribe called Parisii and they developed it as a fortified settlement. The city was conquered by Romans in 52 AD and they spread the city by the River Seine. Paris Lutetia is a city that has been famously called but it was not considered as an important city during the reign. In the late 3rd century Paris officially accepted Christianity in Roman Empire was in shabbles. The Romans were defeated by Franks who became emperor of the city Paris.

Paris flourished during this time but was frequently attacked by Vikings untill they were paid off during 11th century.After that, Paris became one of the most heavily populated cities of Europe and was captured by King Philippe-Auguste who built the famous Lourve fortress. It also became an important market and goods market of different places. Paris during this time was also a place of inspiration attracting famous scholars and artists who laid the foundation of many important landmarks like the Cathedral of Notre Dame. But the brutal war between England and France, which lasted for over a hundred years, was devastated by the Black Death in 1348. 

Paris gradually recovered from the long war and flourished again. Reformation and clashes between the Protestants and Catholics. This is one of the most important places in New England. It became one of the main reasons of the French Revolution that happened in 1789 and adversely affected the city of Paris. It was also fought against religion and sectarinism and it ended with Napoleon conquering France in 1799. France and Paris also underwent a number of constitutional and cultural changes. Every corner of France has many museums and landmarks reflecting the rich history of the country but Paris remains the center of these activities. 

The Parisians are very proud of their culture and their city. Their love for arts, music, literature, food and lifestyle is not one of every day lifestyle. They are very welcoming, honest and hospitable people. This is evident from the Museums for the visitors. There are more than 100 institutions showcasing treasures and more unusual collections. The most visited is Musee du Louve, home of Mona Kisa, Musee d'Orsay and its classic collection of French impresionist artists, The Orangerie Museum for famos Lilies series. You can also find Great Palace and the Small Palace which are dedicated to the most famous artists like Picasso and Rodin museum. It also has the tomb of Napoleon. 

It is one of the best places for foodies with around 8,000 restaurants offering various French cuisine. It offers a number of coffees that serve strong coffees paired with a carafe of wine. You can enjoy dinner and have lunch at some upscale starred restaurant and enjoy the French dinig experience. There are many restaurants and meals. This trip happens to be one of the best manicured streets and freshly cooked food. The city of Paris is a captivating romance of millions of visitors day in and day out. Parisians make the trip easier. 

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