All about Moscow

Moscow is one of the largest city of Russia and is also the capital of the Russian federation. It has around 13.2 million residents living in the city. The city is around 871 year old that has played an important role in the development of the current Russia and the world. It has the famous Kremlin complex that is regarded as monument of symbolism and history. Moscow was also the capital of the Soviet Union and signs of its association with the federation are still visible. The city is architectural gem and its skyline is dotted with the landmarks. 

The real of Moscow is not certain but it name first appearted in the Ipatyev Chronicles in 11th century. In 13th century it became the centre and later in 15th century its importance grew. But the city was constantly under attack specifically from Tatar-Mongol clans who destroyed the city many times.

St. Petersburg in Russia is famously known as "window on Europe" and Moscow is considered as Russia's heart. The city is an upbeat and vibrant hub. It was reconstructed mainly under Napoleon in 1812, It has been blazed down many times in the history but it has not stopped being renovated. The city represent the clash with its capitalist and current political ideology. The city has famous Lenin Museum standing tall with the apartment buildings from Nikita Khrushchev era. It has many Orthodox churches, synagogues and mosques presenting the rich heritage. 

In contrast to St. Petersburg, Moscow is considered as the traditional Russian city. It served as political and economical hub in Kremlin era. The layout of the city and architectural styles of historical building attracts many from visitors and tourists. Most of the buildings are predominantly built from wood and brick. There are many historical landmarks like Cathedral, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, Tretyakov Gallery are the most famous Moscow sights. It also has sights like Novodevichy monastery and Kolomenskoye estate that are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Moscow is also considered as the largest cultural and tourist destination of Europe and the world. It has many different places and attraction with historical, cultural, and architectural sites for all its visitors. It also has many hotels offering diverse accomodating option for all tiers of tourists. Moreover, the transport network comprising of railway, aerorail, taxis, and buses provide accessibility to all corners of the city. It also connects the city to other parts of the country. 

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