Marrakesh Airport Taxi Transfers Local Transportation in Marrakesh

Marrakesh offers many modes of local transportation options. From local buses and taxis to horse-drawn carriages known as "caleches." Here you can find some more details about each mode of transportation:

Local Buses in Marrakesh

You can find many bus lines that run within Marrakesh. The services start around 6 am and run every 15 to 20 minutes till 9.30 pm - 10 pm at the main medina bus stop at Place de Foucauld in front of Djemaa El Fna. The fares are starting at around $ 0.40 (4 dirhams) per person. The buses are generally safe and reliable, but they are generally crowded during rush hours.

Taxis in Marrakesh

There are two kinds of taxis in Marrakesh:
- Small ones called "petit taxis" are used in the city center. These taxis are metered.
- Big taxis called "grand taxis" are used for far-away excursions. These taxis are fixed fare basis.
Taximeters exist in all taxis in Marrakesh. However, the drivers always forget to activate it. Do not forget to remind activating the taximeters. Agreeing on the fare before getting into a grand taxi is the best way to run away from taxi scams. Getting around the center of the city costs $2.00 (2.90 dirhams).

Caleches (Horse-drawn carriages) in Marrakesh

This way of transportation is the most traditional way of getting around the city. Caleches are a popular mode of transportation for tourists. These horse-drawn carriages can be hired for a set fee to take you around the city's main highlights. Prices are negotiable. The price is around $16.50 (150 dirhams) for an hour's tour. Being sure to agree on the price before hiring them.

Private Rental Car/Taxi Transfer

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