Luxor Shuttle

Luxor International Airport is the primary airport serving the city of Luxor in Egypt. To reach your hotel and Luxor's ancient historical sites, the Luxor shuttle is one of the most convenient ways. 

Here you can find some information about Luxor shuttle services:

Luxor Shuttle Booking

Luxor shared shuttle services are a cost-effective option for travelers. Passengers share the vehicle with others heading to the same general area.  

Luxor Shuttle Vehicle Types

Luxor Shuttle vehicles are comfortable minibuses, buses, or vans equipped with air conditioning. 

Luxor Shuttle Schedules
We highly advise you to coordinate your flight schedule with the shuttle service's departure times. Make sure your flight details and the most appropriate shuttle pick-up time.

How To Book Luxor Shuttle
You can easily book the Sharm El Sheikh shuttle service in advance through our website. To ensure shuttle availability, pre-booking is recommended.

Luxor Shuttle Durations
The duration of your shuttle ride is around 45 minutes to 1 hour to the city center area and the duration will depend on your specific destination within Luxor or its vicinity. 

Luxor Shuttle Prices

The shuttle fare varies based on factors such as the destinations of the guests, and the hotel locations. 

Luxor Shuttle Destinations
You can easily get to Luxor city center & hotels, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and the Luxor Temple. 

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