How Many Airports are there in Egypt? 

How many airports are there in Egypt?
Egypt is an Arabic country that has the most crowded population in North Africa. Most of the population is located along the Nile River. Egypt has 1.010.000 km² of surface area. It has a history of 7000 years. The official language of Egypt is Arabic and they use Egypt Pound (EGP). It has a very rich history from all angles and welcomes so many tourists every year. So, how many airports are there in Egypt and what are the Egypt Airport options? We will share everything in detail in our blog.

Which airport is the closest to the Pyramids?

There are many airports in Egypt. The biggest airport in Egypt Airport category is the International Cairo Airport. It’s 22 km from downtown Cairo. You can go to downtown Cairo from the airport by the free shuttle which leaves every 30 minutes. The other airports are given below: 

1-Luxor Airport 
2-Aswan Daraw Airport 
3-Alexandria Airport 
4-Abu Simbel Airport 
5-Sevhac Sohag Airport 
6-Hurgada Airport 
7-Assiut Airport 
8-Mersa Matruh Airport 
9-Sharm El Şeyh Airport 
10-Marsa Allam Airport

Which airport do you need to fly to go to Hurghada?

Hurghada, one of the important tourism destinations in Egypt is mostly used by tourists. Peerless Hurghada steps out with its easy transportation. You can fly to Hurghada International Airport to go to Hurghada. Nowadays, Hurghada International Airport is known as the second busiest airport in the world. It was built in 2015 as a new terminal complex, and it has 2 passenger terminal buildings. The yearly passenger average of the Hurghada International Airport is more than 13M. 

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