Bucharest Taxis

Bucharest Taxis: A Guide for Tourists

Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, and a destination that offers many attractions, such as the Palace of Parliament, the Romanian Athenaeum, and the Cismigiu Gardens. If you want to explore the city and its surroundings, you might need to use a taxi at some point. Here are some tips and information to help you get around Bucharest by taxi.
Bucharest Taxis

How to get a taxi in Bucharest

There are several ways to get a taxi in Bucharest, depending on your preference and convenience. You can:

- Hail a taxi on the street: You can easily find a taxi on the main streets and avenues of Bucharest, especially in the city center and near the tourist attractions. Look for the yellow cars with the taxi company name and the fare displayed on the doors. Make sure the taxi has a license number and a taximeter, and avoid the ones that have no markings or logos. You can also check the ratings and reviews of the taxi companies on the internet or on mobile apps;
.Bucharest Taxis

- Order a taxi online or by phone: You can book a taxi in advance using a website such as https://www.tranigo.com/en/bucharest/Bucharest or a mobile app of a reputable taxi company, such as Meridian, Speed Taxi, or CrisTaxi. You can also call the taxi company and request a ride. This way, you can avoid the hassle of finding a taxi on the street, and you can also choose the type of car, the payment method, and the estimated fare. Some taxi companies also offer discounts or loyalty programs for online or phone bookings.

- Go to a taxi rank: You can find authorized taxi ranks in many locations in Bucharest, such as the airport, the train station, the shopping malls, and the hotels. You can also find them outside the major attractions, such as the Palace of Parliament, the Romanian Peasant Museum, and the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History. At the taxi rank, you can choose the taxi that suits your needs and budget, and you can also ask the driver for a receipt or a printed fare estimate.

How much does a taxi cost in Bucharest

The taxi fares in Bucharest are regulated by the city hall, and they vary depending on the taxi company, the time of the day, the traffic conditions, and the distance of the trip. The average fare is around 1.69 RON (0.35 EUR) per kilometer, and the minimum fare is around 2 RON (0.4 EUR) per ride. You can also expect to pay extra for luggage, waiting time, night trips, or holidays. The taxi fare should be clearly displayed on the taximeter and on the receipt. You can also use online calculators or mobile apps to estimate the fare before you take a taxi.

How to pay for a taxi in Bucharest

The most common way to pay for a taxi in Bucharest is by cash, in the local currency (RON). You can exchange your money at the airport, the train station, the banks, or the exchange offices. You can also withdraw money from the ATMs, which are widely available in the city. You should always have some small bills and coins with you, as some taxi drivers might not have change or might charge you extra for breaking a large bill. You can also tip the driver if you are satisfied with the service, but it is not mandatory. A 10% tip is usually considered generous. Some taxi companies also accept credit cards or mobile payments, such as Visa, Mastercard, or Revolut. You can check the payment options on the website or the app of the taxi company, or you can ask the driver before you board the taxi. You might need to pay a small fee for using a card or a mobile device, and you might also need to enter your PIN or scan a QR code. You can also request an electronic receipt or invoice by email or SMS.
Bucharest Taxis

How to stay safe and avoid scams in Bucharest taxis

Bucharest is generally a safe city, and most taxi drivers are honest and professional. However, there are some risks and scams that you should be aware of and avoid when using a taxi in Bucharest. Here are some tips to stay safe and avoid being overcharged or ripped off:

- Use only official and licensed taxis: As mentioned before, you should always look for the yellow cars with the taxi company name, the license number, and the fare displayed on the doors. You should also check the taximeter and the receipt, and make sure they match the fare. You should avoid the unmarked or unofficial taxis, which might charge you exorbitant prices or take you to unwanted destinations. You should also be careful of the taxi drivers who approach you at the airport or the train station, and offer you a ride. They might be scammers or touts who work for illegal or unreliable taxi companies.

- Agree on the fare or the route before you take a taxi:: If you hail a taxi on the street or go to a taxi rank, you should ask the driver for the fare or the route before you get in the taxi. You can also show the driver the address or the map of your destination, and make sure he or she understands it. You should also avoid the taxi drivers who offer you a fixed or a discounted price, or who claim that the taximeter is broken or not working. They might try to overcharge you or take you on a longer or a different route. You should also be aware of the traffic jams and the road works, which might affect the duration and the cost of your trip.

- Have the exact or the approximate amount of money ready: As mentioned before, you should always have some small bills and coins with you, and pay the driver the exact or the approximate amount of money. You should also check the change and the receipt, and make sure they are correct. You should avoid paying with large bills or foreign currency, as some taxi drivers might not have change or might give you counterfeit or outdated money. You should also be careful of the taxi drivers who try to distract you or rush you when you pay, or who claim that you gave them less money or a different bill. They might try to scam you or steal your money.

How to contact or complain about a taxi in Bucharest If you have any questions, problems, or complaints about a taxi in Bucharest, you can contact or report the taxi company or the driver. You can find the contact details of the taxi company on their website, app, or receipt. You can also find the name, the license number, and the phone number of the driver on the dashboard or the doors of the taxi. You can call or email the taxi company or the driver, and explain your issue or request. You can also leave a feedback or a review on their website, app, or social media. You can also contact the Bucharest City Hall, the Consumer Protection Authority, or the Police, if you have a serious or a legal complaint, such as fraud, theft, assault, or damage.


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