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Located in the south-east of Italy, Bari is an important port city bordering the Adriatic Sea. It is the centre of Puglia Region. Although it is actually a small city, Bari is the most developed city in the region. Located in the middle of two major ports, the city contributes greatly to the country in terms of tourism. It is also a cosmopolitan city with approximately one million inhabitants, the majority of whom are made up of young individuals.

Bari fascinates people with its interesting museums, great monuments, splendid castles, magnificent cathedrals and other historical buildings. This city has managed to maintain its historic texture for many years. There are a wide variety places where you can see Bari’s colourful history, including War Memorial, Norman-Swabian Castle, Palazzo Fizzarotti, Ex Convento di Santa Chiara, Monumento Sacrario dei Caduti, and Basilica Cathedrale Metropolitana di San Sabino. One of the oldest streets in the region, Mercantile Square is definitely worth visiting. This square is surrounded by many historical buildings, as well as many excellent restaurants and cafés. Needless to say, it is always full of people.

Along with its historical places and ancient streets, the beautiful nature of Bari is definitely worth seeing. It is home to some national parks and pretty gardens, namely Gardens of Piazza Garibaldi, Universita degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Parco Fontanelle, Park Monopoli, Quattro Ettari, and Pineta Comunale. We are sure that you will be amazed by these lovely parks and gardens.

Known for its culinary culture in the region, Bari never gives up on its traditional flavour. The majority of Bari Cuisine is made up of pastries and seafood. If you visit the city one day, you should definitely taste the following dishes: Orecchiette, Frisella, Pizzette, Sottolio, and Baccala, which is the most famous dish of Bari cuisine.

One has a lot to discover in Bari. It is one of the wonderful places in Europe with its unusual sights. This perfect Italian city has managed to combine its traditional and modern taste for art and entertainment. There are many cinemas, theatres, bars and concert halls in the city centre. Furthermore, Bari hosts various events like local festivals and sporting activities held throughout the year. It is a 24/7 vibrant city. Nevertheless, the most notable of these events are the festivals, namely La Festa di San Nicola, Mediterranean Music Festival, Bari Jazz Festival, and Fiera del Levante.

Leave behind the sorrow and visit the great city of Bari. You will see a great deal of outstanding beauty and boundless entertainment activities in Bari, so do not miss any of these!

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