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Aqaba is a beautiful city situated in the south of Jordan. The city is called “Jordan’s window on the Red Sea” because of its geographical location. It is one of the largest cities in Jordan with more than 200.000 inhabitants. The city of Aqaba, also known as Al-Aqabah, is the only coastal city in the country. That’s why the city of Aqaba is regarded as the vibrant trade centre of the country. This great city is also a popular holiday destination in Jordan with its fine beaches. Aqaba is a must-see city in the Middle East with its unique sights.

It is possible to see some historical places in Aqaba, reflecting its beautiful architecture. For example, Aqaba Castle, Aqaba Heritage Museum, Sheik Zated Mosque, Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque, and Fourth-Century Roman Church are definitely worth seeing. The city of Aqaba especially attracts attention with its ancient town, called Ayla. It is a historic site hosting the ruins of Islamic city. This place is the most visited tourist destination in the city with all its beauty.

Aqaba is also a fascinating city with perfect natural beauty. It is considered as the pupil of the country with its golden beaches, including South Beach, Berenice Beach, City Beach, and Al-Ghandour Beach. These beaches are perfect places for vacation. For this reason, Aqaba’s beaches are the centre of attention for many people especially from the Middle East. This great city is also rich in beautiful parks and botanical gardens. The most famous of these are Aqaba City Park, Al-Hafayer Park, Princess Salma Park, Botanical Garden Aqaba, and Aqaba Bird Garden. The city’s natural beauty will give you a pleasant trip with impressive sights.

Aqaba is known for its refreshing tastes of Jordanian cuisine. Many stylish restaurants throughout the city serve a great variety of local dishes. Do not leave Aqaba without tasting the following tasty food: Foul, Mansaf, and Harissa.

Aqaba will fascinate you at each step. What are you waiting for? Get ready for exciting discoveries. It is time to visit the beautiful city of Aqaba.

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