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Aqaba is a beautiful city situated in the south of Jordan. The city is called “Jordan’s window on the Red Sea” because of its geographical location. It is one of the largest cities in Jordan with more than 200.000 inhabitants. The city of Aqaba, also known as Al-Aqabah, is the only coastal city in the country. That’s why the city of Aqaba is regarded as the vibrant trade centre of the country.

This great city is also a popular holiday destination in Jordan with its fine beaches. Aqaba is a must-see city in the Middle East with its unique sights. You can find various options of Daily Aqaba Tours & Activities such as Red Sea Boat Trips, Desert Jeep Tours, City Sightseeing Tours, Daily Petra Tours and transportation facilities such as Aqaba Airport shuttle, Aqaba Airport taxi, and Aqaba Airport transfer services.

This wonderful city is rich in history and culture and has many landmarks and attractions. Aqaba welcomes millions of visitors every year. Travelers who want to experience this unique and exciting city can take a look at our tour options: Aqaba Tours 

Aqaba will fascinate you at each step. What are you waiting for? Get ready for exciting discoveries. It is time to visit the beautiful city of Aqaba.

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