Zanzibar Taxis

Zanzibar Taxi Services: You can find taxis at popular tourist spots, hotels, the Zanzibar International Airport, and the Stone Town area. Most hotels and resorts can also arrange taxis for their guests.

Zanzibar Taxi Fares: Taxis in Zanzibar generally do not have taximeters. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm the price with the driver before starting your journey to avoid any surprises.

Zanzibar Taxis Payment: Taxis in Zanzibar usually accept cash in Tanzanian shillings, the local currency. If you do not have cash with you or want to pay by credit card, you can make a Zanzibar Taxi reservation online with Tranigo.

Zanzibar Taxis Safety: To avoid taxi scams, make sure the taxi you get off is licensed. Pin the location you want to go to your phone in advance and follow the route. You can make a Zanzibar taxi reservation online to avoid such problems. You can go to your destination at a fixed price. There is no additional fee during the trip.

How to Book Zanzibar Taxis: You can make a Zanzibar Taxi reservation by filling out the reservation form above. Your driver will be ready at the time you want.

A hassle-free driving experience awaits you with Tranigo's large vehicle fleet, professional drivers and licensed vehicles.

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