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Located in the northern Italy, Treviso is a city in the Veneto Region. It is an attractive city with a population of nearly 100.000. One of the most significant features of the city is its proximity to Venice. The city is also known as Little Venice in public. Treviso is approximately 20 miles from the city centre of Venice. Because of this proximity, these two have similar features. For example, just like in Venice, you can go on a boat ride on the Sile River that passes right in the middle of the city in Treviso.

Treviso draws attention with its colourful history and artistic heritage. From historic monuments to great cathedrals, there are many impressive buildings in the city centre. If you are a culture and history lover, you are advised to see the following places: Cathedral and Museo Diocesano, City Walls and Gates, Museo Civico di Santa Caterina, San Nicolo, Villa Emo, San Francesco Church, Palazzo dei Trecento, Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo Pretorio, and Castelfranco. These places will influence you very deeply with their unique atmosphere. The most important symbols of the city are the canals and watermills. Especially, Treviso Canal is the most visited place in the city of Treviso. This great Italian city is home to many lovely streets. The most famous of these are Via Calmaggiore Street, which is the main street of the city, and Piazza dei Signori, which is the street with many shops.

Treviso has a lot to offer to nature lovers with its natural beauty. There are some local parks and pretty gardens where you can see many different kinds of plants and do many social activities. The most popular of these are Garden Rose of Villa Margherita, Parco Ali Dorate, Villa Letizia, Oasi Cervara, and Giardino Dirtti dei Bambini, all of which are definitely worth seeing. By the way, don’t leave the city without walking or cycling through the Natural Regional Park along the Sile River.

Treviso hosts various events like festivals and celebrations throughout the year. It is a 24/7 dynamic city. The city attracts even more people during the festivals, the most famous of which are Primavera del Prosecco Wine Festival, International Multivision Festival, and Incontri Asolani Festival, besides many others.

Treviso is also known for its culinary culture in the region along with its natural beauty and remarkable events. The most well-known dishes of the city are Treviso Red Chicory, Sciopetti Omelette, Sopa Coada, Pevarada, and Risotto with Rosoline. You should definitely taste these tasty foods. Highly recommended!

This perfect city is sure to impress you. With its amazing discoveries, Treviso is waiting for you. It is time to enjoy sheer beauty. 

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