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Tehran is a cosmopolitan city situated in the north of Iran, at the foot of the Mountain Elburz. It is the capital and largest city of the country. It is also the most populous city in both Iran and Western Asia with more than 14 million inhabitants. It is the administrative, political, and economy centre of the country. This city is divided into two parts: North and South. The northern parts of Tehran are more prosperous, modern and expensive, while southern parts are less attractive but cheaper. It is one of the best destinations in the Middle East because of its unusual sights. This city is definitely worth-visiting with all its beauty.

Tehran has been home to many civilizations for centuries. For this reason, this great city is rich in stunning historical sites. It is considered to be the cultural centre of the country with many important historical structures, such as ancient monument, historic mosques, magnificent cathedrals, and excellent museums. It offers a wide variety attraction to a great number of people; for example, National Museum of Iran, Golestan Palace, Shah Abdul Azim Shrine, Holy Shrine of Emam Khomeini, Sepahsalar Mosque, Azadi Tower, Masoudieh Mansion, Saint-Sarkis Orthodox Cathedral, and Borje Toghrol are among the places to see for history and culture lovers. This perfect city also attracts attention with its historic bazaars. The most famous of these is the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, located in the heart of the city. This bazaar is regarded as the one of the oldest places of the country. It is also one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the city with traditional shops.

With its varied architectural style, Tehran provides you all the best in one package. You will encounter fascinating works of architecture in almost every street of the city. For example, Milad Tower, one of the most visited touristic places in the city, is regarded as the main symbol of Tehran with its splendid view. It is definitely worth-seeing. Highly recommended!

The city of Tehran will fascinate you with its beautiful nature, too. It has a wide range of lovely parks and botanical gardens where you can enjoy the distinctive nature, such as Persian Garden, Artists Park, Ferdows Garden, Parvaz Garden, Mellat Park, Laleh Park, Jamshidieh Stone Garden & Park, Negarestan Garden, and National Botanical Garden of Iran. We are sure that you will be amazed by these parks and gardens. The unique nature of the city invites you to a memorable trip.

Tehran is also known for its culinary culture coupled with its historical places and natural beauty. In fact, this city is known as the superb food city of Iranian Cuisine. The most delicious dishes of the city are Barbery Rice, Khoresh, and Flatbread. Also, Gilaneh Restaurant, Bistango, Persian Cuisine, Ananda Restaurant, Roast, Nayeb, and Shandiz Galleria are among the best restaurants in the city.

It will be a nice experience to visit Tehran. You will leave with great memories. What are you waiting for? Get ready for new experiences in this perfect city. Tehran invites you!

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