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The city of Taipei lies in the northern part of the island and situated on the Tan-shui River about 25 km southwest of the Pacific OceanTaipei is the capital of Taiwan and a modern city with busy shopping streets and modern buildings. With over than 9 million inhabitants, it is the largest and most populous administrative area of the country. The city serves as the island's main educational, cultural, economic, governmental, and touristic centre.

Throughout the years, the city of Taipei has been influenced by various cultures such as Western, Dutch, Taiwanese, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese. This influence affected the country’s urbanization, religion and cultural sites. This city is definitely worth visiting to explore. Here are some historic landmarks that you must visit: Lungshan Temple, Hsing Tian Kong Temple, Dalongdong Bao An Temple, Taipei Confucius Temple, Guandu Temple (Kuantu Temple), Tianhou Temple, Longshan Palace, 228 Peace Memorial Park, Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple, Songshan Ciyou Temple, Red House in Ximending, and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Building.

This perfect city also attracts attention with its shopping streets. The most famous of these are Shilin Night Market, Ximending, Dihua Street, Huaxi Street Night Market, Ningxia Night Market, Raohe Street Night Market, Shida Night Market, and Songshan Discounted Fashion and Night Market. These markets are the most known stamping grounds with traditional shops for visitors. Highly recommended!

The city of Taipei will fascinate you with its beautiful nature, too. It has a wide range of lovely parks and national parks where you can enjoy the distinctive nature. Here are our recommendations for the nature lovers: Yangmingshan National Park, YehLiu Geopark, Beitou Thermal Valley, Shifen Waterfall, Yang Ming Shan Qing Tian Gang National Park, and Qixing Mountain. We are sure that you will be amazed by these gorgeous parks and gardens. The unique nature of Taipei invites you for a memorable trip. 

Taipei has also a reputation with its culinary culture. The most delicious local foods and drinks of the city are Oolong Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Mango Shaved Ice, Beef Noodles, Dan Bing (Pancake), Gua Bao (Steamed Bread Sandwich), Oyster Omelet, Stinky Tofu, and Xiao Long Bao (Paper-thin Wrap). You can taste these delicious flavours at these best-known restaurants: Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle, Ice Monster, Lan Jia, Lin Dong Fang, Pin Xian, Yongkang Beef Noodles, and Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan.

The city of Taipei offers a great number of excursions for its visitors. The local festivals are some of these activities by which the visitors can have unforgettable moments during their trips to this amazing city. Here are the traditional festivals and events: Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Little New Year (The Lantern Festival), Taipei & Kaohsiung Lantern Festivals, Pingxi (Pingsi) Sky Lantern Festival, Yenshui Fireworks Festival, Bombing of Master Han Dan Festival, Dragon Boat Festival (Mid-Autumn Moon Festival), Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Month Festival), and Zhongyuan Universal Salvation Ceremonies.

Providing a breathtaking nightlife moment, the city Taipei has many places where you can entertain until the first lights of the day. With their atmosphere, the type of music, decorations, the foods and drinks, each night club and bar offers a unique nightlife experience. Here are some of our recommendations to dance and drink for a night out you’re your friends: Triangle Taipei, The Wave Club Taipei, Bar 45, Babe 18, 1001 Nights Taipei, Revolver Taipei, and Ximen Red House (LGBT-friendly bars and clubs).

It will be a nice experience to visit Taipei. You will leave with great memories. What are you waiting for? Get ready for new experiences in this perfect city. Taipei invites you!

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