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The city of Tabriz is situated in the north-west of Iran, in the province of East Azerbaijan. It is the fifth-largest city of the country with more than 1.5 million inhabitants. It is one of the most important educational and cultural centres of the country. For this reason, it is considered as one of the historical capitals of Iran with its many historic attractions. The city of Tabriz is among the major tourist destinations in Iran thanks to its stunning historical sites, extraordinary beauty, and endless opportunities. It is a must-see city in the Middle East.

One of the most attractive tourist routes of the country, Tabriz is the centre of attention for many people with its rich history, cultural heritage, and honourable traditions. There are various historical structures that reflect the culture of Tabriz in the centre of the city, so it would be a good way to start discovering Tabriz. This perfect city is known for its magnificent monuments, ancient mosques, and splendid palaces. You should definitely visit the following places: Goey Mosque, Qajar Museum, Nobar Bath, Tabriz Citadel, Jameh Mosque, Mausoleum of Poets, Saint Stephanos Monastery, and Saint Mary Church. Besides these historical places, Saat Tower is one of the most visited places in the city. It is also regarded as the main symbol of Tabriz. Located in the heart of the city centre, Bazaar of Tabriz, one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East, is the main tourist attraction of the city with many traditional shops. You should definitely visit this grand bazaar. Highly recommended!

Tabriz is a sheer heaven with its national parks and beautiful gardens. If you are a nature lover, you are advised to see Garden Mansion Fathabad, Gholestan Garden, and El-Goli Park. These parks and gardens will offer you an unforgettable trip with unique views. You are sure to feel the outstanding beauty of the city. The city of Tabriz is also famous for its ancient villages. The most notable of these is Kandovan village, which is home to a fascinating collection of troglodyte homes. It is regarded as “the traditional settlement” in the country. For this reason, this village is very popular destination for both culture and nature lovers.

In the centre of Tabriz, there are a great number of local restaurants serving the traditional dishes of the city. Especially, Revolving Restaurant, Baliq, Shahriar Restaurant, Hezardestan, Tooska, and Haj Ali Chelo Restaurant are among the well-known restaurants with their food specialities. You should definitely try the following tasty dishes if you visit Tabriz one day: Koofteh Tabrizi, Carrot Stew, Doymaj, and Lobia Sabz.

Leave behind the sorrow and visit the perfect city of Tabriz. It invites you on a memorable trip with all its beauty. What are you waiting for? It is time to visit the city of Tabriz.

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