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The city of Surabaya, also called Surabaja, is located on the north-east of Java in Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of East Java with more than 3 million inhabitants. It is one of the leading financial hubs in the country with many major companies. It is also one of the most important coastal cities of Indonesia. Besides, this great city is one of the best destinations in Asia for both nature and culture lovers. It has managed to maintain its historic texture for many years. One of the oldest cities in the country, Surabaya offers an unforgettable trip with its historic landmarks and peaceful atmosphere. That’s why the city of Surabaya is definitely worth seeing.

The city of Surabaya opens up a different world to its visitors where the ancient and modern world are closely linked together. It is both historic and modern city with limitless attractions. For this reason, it is generally known as “East Java’s breathtaking capital”. There is a wide range of historical structures in the city, such as ancient monuments, great temples, splendid castles, and excellent museums. You should definitely visit the following places: Chinatown, Tugu Pahlawan, Monument of Bambu Runcing, Soepratman Museum, Cheng Hoo Mosque, Gereja Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria, and Masjid Nasional Al Akbar, among many others. The city of Surabaya is a significant landmark in the history and culture of Indonesia.

Surabaya appeals to many people with its perfect nature and lively atmosphere. Its beautiful nature will give you a memorable experience. In the city, there are many extraordinary parks and botanical gardens, where you can see a great number of different kinds of flowers. The most notable of these are Mount Bromo, Taman Bungkul, Historical Park of Surabaya, Kebun Bibit Wonorejo, and Kenjeran Park. The city’s parks and gardens are ideal places to feel the distinctive nature of Surabaya.

Surabaya draws attention with its colourful events like local festivals and special celebrations. It is home to many festivals and carnivals, which are famous for interesting activities and shows, so the spirit of happy living stays alive and their traditions are carried forward to the next generation. The most popular events of the city are Tunjungan Festival, Rujak Uleg Festival, Indonesia Art Fest, and Surabaya Cross Culture International Festival. Besides, its major events, this city is also regarded as the shopping centre of East Java with many options. You can see plenty of shopping streets, malls, stores, and local markets in the city.

The city of Surabaya also offers a wide variety of nightlife options. It is a great city which has its own nightlife culture. The city’s bars and clubs are the best places where you can hang out with your friends. Colours Pub, Electric Bar, Jimmy’s Club, Desperados Bar, Foreplay Club, and Our Bar are among the most popular nightlife destinations in the city centre.

With its historical sites, unusual nature, and entertainment facilities, Surabaya will offer you a pleasant trip experience. While walking along the streets of the city, you will see many unforgettable picturesque landscapes. What are you waiting for? The city of Surabaya invites you!

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