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Strasbourg is the largsest city in the East region of France and is official European Government seat. It also has the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. It is near the border of Germany and is close to the historic region of Alsace. Strasbourg is inhabited by around nearly half a million people. 

The city of Strasbourg is located at the bank of the III River that divides Grand Ile with most of the famous building near by. The island was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site. It also a place for Cathedral of Notre Dame that has been renovated and restored many times. It was built by red Vosges sandstones with asymmetrical facade dating back to 13th century. The 18th century Chateau des Rohan houses three museum and the La Petite district has many well preserved old streets with wooden houses and picturesque canal. 

The European city is renowned historical ciy that incite curiousity among the tourists.It is a young and dynamic city and surprises you by its lively side and places like museums, theatres, operas, concert halls and festivals. The city for sure will make you fall in love with its captivating sights. The city is rich in architectural heritage that embraces styles from the Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic and Art Nouveau eras. It is old town in maze and narrow streets with roofline and steeples. 

The old remnants of the German connection can easily be traced from the classic dishes like coq au vin and confit de canard. The dish provides the perfect amalgamation of culture, taste and modernisation. The Strasbourg is known as the birthplace of foie gras that was invented in 1780. Apart from that also enjoy the Alastian wines that are spicy and floral whites with the highest percentage of certified organic and biodynamic vineyards in the country. You can find locally produced Riesling, Sylvaner, and Pinot Gris that you can take back as a gift. 

The city has more than 10 museums like Archaeological Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Alastian Museum, Historical Museum, and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, a Zoological Museum and Planetarium. It also has philaharmonic orchestra that was founded in 1855 and other performing art places like National Opera and National Theatre. The city hosts various festival that run all around the year and is also hosts the oldest Christmas markets in Europe.

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