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St. Petersburg is a metropolitan city located in the northwest of Russia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, with more than 5 million inhabitants. This great Russian city is also the fourth largest city in Europe. The city is built on the Neva River, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 42 beautiful islands. That’s why St. Petersburg is known as Venice of the North with 55 canals and nearly 500 bridges. It is regarded as Russia’s gateway to Europe. Thanks to its location, St. Petersburg is one of the leading cities in the country in terms of tourism.

The city of St. Petersburg is both ancient and modern. It draws attention with its fascinating history and cultural heritage, also appealing to many people from all over the world with its ecclesiastical architecture. From world-famous museums to magnificent cathedrals, this great city is a historic paradise. There are a great number of places to visit in the city; we highly recommend the following: Ermitaj Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the world with 3 million artworks, and Catherine Palace, which is one of the greatest attractions in the country. In addition, Menshikovskiy Dvorets, Tsarskoye Selo, Dom Zingera, Avrora, Strelka Vasil’yevskogo Ostrova, General Staff Building, Monument of Nicholas, Grand Choral Synagogue, Admiralteystvo, and Zdaniye Birzhi are among the must-see places. Besides these, there are many attractive streets in the city centre of St. Petersburg. Especially, St. Isaac’s Square is the most visited street in the city. It is situated in the historic centre of the city between St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Statue to Nicolas. This Russian city’s historical places are remarkable examples of both ancient and domestic architecture. 

St. Petersburg will fascinate you with its distinctive nature, too. The city has many lovely parks and botanical gardens where you can enjoy the beautiful nature, such as Summer Garden, Yusupov Gardens, Mikhailovsky Garden, Catherine Park, Aleksandrovskiy Sad, Benoit Garden, the Garden of Winter Palace, Pavlovskiy Park, Alexis Garden, and Park-300-Letiya. We are sure that you will be amazed by these parks and gardens. The unique nature of the city is definitely worth seeing.

St. Petersburg is also at the forefront with lots of choices for entertainment it provides. You can see a wide range of famous bars and night clubs in almost every street of the city. Lomonosov Bar, Commode, Zavist Cabaret-Bar, Borodabar, Mishka, Fish Fabrique Craft Bar, Fidel Bar, JFC Jazz Club, Santa Barbara, and El Copitas, among many others, invite you on enjoyable nights with lots of different beverages. The city’s social life is not limited to nightlife, as St. Petersburg hosts many different kinds of local festivals throughout the year. The most notable of these are Marrinsky Festival, Gamma Festival, Baltic House Theatre Festival, Festival’ Tatuirovki, and Stereoleto.

In addition, the city’s culinary culture is also very famous. It has a perfect combination of seafood and salad. Russian vodkas are among the best in the world. Countless restaurants serving delicious Russian flavours are definitely worth visiting.

St. Petersburg is also known for its lovely bridges and magnificent canals, which give the city a splendid view. Bridges of the Neva River are the most famous bridges. Along with these popular bridges, there are a great number of lovely bridges in the city, namely Bridges of the Moika River, Bridges of the Griboedov Canal, and Bridges of the Fontanka River. Meanwhile, when you visit St. Petersburg, do not forget to ride a gondola through the Canals of St. Petersburg.

In the city, you will see a great deal of outstanding beauty as well as limitless opportunities for entertainment. Spring months are usually the best time to visit St. Petersburg. Get ready for fresh experiences in this great Russian city. 


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