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Sofia is a cosmopolitan city located in the western part of Bulgaria. It is the capital and largest city of the country with roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. This city is the major cultural and economic centre of the country. The city of Sofia is one of the most attractive European capitals with beautiful scenery and historic attractions. It is also among the most developed cities in Europe. For this reason, Sofia is known as a popular urban tourist destination in the country.

The city of Sofia is divided into two parts; ancient town and modern town. There are many historical and cultural structures in the Ancient Town, so it would be a great way to start exploring Sofia. This perfect Bulgarian city attracts attention with magnificent monuments, splendid castles, excellent cathedrals, and fascinating museums. Sofia has a great number of attractions for history as well as culture lovers. If you are one of those, the following places are worth-seeing for sure: Alexander Nevskii Church, St. Nicholas Church, Boyana Cathedral, Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church, Saint Sofia Church, Amphitheatre of Serdica, the Bells, Central Sofia Synagogue, Statue of Tsar Alexander, Banya Bashi Mosque, Saint Nikolai Sofiyski, Soviet Army Monument, Lion’s Bridge, Church of Paraskeva, and Dragelevtsi Monastery. The city of Sofia is also famous for its street art coupled with its historical structures. Get ready to be surprised at each step by the diversity of street art, be it a colourfully painted wall or coloured paving stones.

As a breathtaking place for nature lovers, Sofia will offer you a lively atmosphere. It is possible to see a wide variety of parks and gardens in the city, such as City Garden, Zapaden Park, South Park, Park Vrana, and Botanical Garden of Sofia. It is a good idea to discover Sofia on foot which would let you experience the sheer beauty of the city, and we recommend a refreshing break with a cup of tea in Borisova Gradina.

Local festivals and big celebrations are other factors that give importance to Sofia. The most popular festival in the city is Watertower Festival, which is also known as Art Festival. This city is particularly appealing during its festivals that give the city a different mood. In addition, the city of Sofia is home to a great number of famous bars and night clubs, including Carrusel, Cocktail Bar, Yalta, Sugar, Club Alcohol, and RochnRolla.

With its outstanding beauty, Sofia will definitely offer you an unforgettable trip experience. The city of Sofia is a must-see. So, get ready for new experiences in this great Bulgarian city.

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