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Sochi is the second largest city in Krasnodar Krai Region of Russia. It is located in the south-west of Russia. The city stretches along the Black Sea Coast near the Caucasus Mountains. It is the country’s biggest and busiest holiday destination, drawing more than 4 million visitors yearly with its sandy beaches and mountainous coastline. That’s why Sochi is known as Summer Capital of Russia. It is also one of the most multinational cities in the country with people of over 100 ethnic groups. For this reason, it is possible to see many structures of different cultures in this beautiful city. Sochi is a vibrant city with approximately 400.000 inhabitants.

Sochi is a small but attractive city with its fascinating history and artistic heritage. The city’s ancient history can still be experienced in its churches, castles, and museums. There are many historical places in Sochi, reflected in its beautiful architecture. For example, Stalin’s Summer Residence, Godlik Fortress, Loo Temple, Svyato-Troitsky Temple, Historical Museum of Sochi, and Svyatogo Ravnoapostolnogo Knyazya Vladamira Temple are definitely worth seeing. Besides these historical places, Sochi is home to many magnificent monuments, such as Anchor and Cannon, the Golden Fleece, the Singing Fountains, the Feat of Life Memorial, and Olympic Countdown Clock.

This beautiful Russian city is situated in a picture-perfect natural environment. Sochi fascinates people with its peaceful atmosphere. Its unusual nature will give you a breathtaking experience. In the city, there are a wide range of lovely parks and botanical gardens, including Southern Cultures Park, Sochi National Park, and Derevo Druzhby. Sochi is also rich in waterfalls. There are many spectacular waterfalls in the city, such as Zmeykovskiye Waterfall, Orekhovsky Waterfall, Dagomysskiye Koryta, and Agura Waterfalls. The perfect nature of the city will motivate you with its parks, gardens, and waterfalls.

Sochi is a lively city day and night. The city’s bar street is full of people until morning. There are a great number of bars and night clubs on Central Sochi Street, such as Cocos, Cabaret Lighthouse, Penthouse, Paradise, and Bestuzhev Bar. These places are undoubtedly the centre of attention at night. By the way, Central Sochi Street is the main street of the city. It is known as the main shopping centre in the city. This bright street is also home to many stylish restaurant and boutique shops.

The city of Sochi is particularly attractive in summer. This is because a wide variety of festivals and fairs are organized in this season. Many people from all around the world visit the city to attend the festivals. If you visit the city in this period, you should definitely attend these great festivals like Sochi Jazz Festival, Sochi Performing Arts Festival, and Sochi Film Festival.

The most prominent feature that makes the city beautiful is its golden beaches. When in Sochi for holiday, you are advised to visit the following beaches: Rosa Beach, Adler Beach, Soloniki Beach, Beach Circus, and Imeretinskaya Embankment. As you walk from the city centre of Sochi to the beach, you are sure to feel peaceful thanks to the perfect harmony of blue and green.

It will be an exhilarating experience to visit Sochi. Every corner of the city is waiting for you with mysteries to unlock. Sochi invites you on a memorable trip.

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