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Situated in the southern Transylvania, Sibiu is one of the most attractive cities of Romania. This city is very close to Bucharest, the capital city of the country. Sibiu is also one of Romania’s cultural and tourism landmarks with limitless attractions. It is a beautiful city with a population greater than 200.000.

Historic and modern aspects go hand-in hand in Sibiu. The city’s old town is home to many historical buildings and architectural structures, taking you back to centuries ago with its artistic heritage, which makes Sibiu the centre of attention for many history and culture lovers from Europe. There are many places in the city worth-seeing. The most popular of these are Biserica Romano Catolica, Biserica Ursulinelor, Church of Saint Francis, Reformed Church of Sibiu, the Tower of Council, Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral & Tower, Passage of Stairs, Fortress Walls, Potters Tower, and the Huet Tunnel. This great Romanian city is also home to some interesting museums and art galleries, such as Biserica Din Groapa and Casa Calfelor. Besides its significant historical places and excellent museums, this city attracts attention with its colourful streets, each of which has a pleasant atmosphere. Especially, Piata Mica and Piata Huet are definitely worth-visiting. These streets reveal the perfect combination of culture and history.

There are many options for nature lovers in Sibiu as in many other cities in Romania. With limitless natural beauty, the city fascinates many people. If you are keen on nature, you are advised to visit Sub Arini Park, Citadel Park, Astra Park, Tineretului Park, National History Museum Gardens, Parcul Bulevard, and Bumbrava Sibiului Natural Park. These pretty parks and gardens are good places to start discovering the city.

There are also a great number of bars and night clubs in the heart of Sibiu. The city has dynamic nightlife with countless possibilities for enjoyment that would suit everyone’s style of entertainment. In addition, the city of Sibiu hosts some cultural festivals. It draws even more people during festivals, the most notable of which are Astra Film Festival and ArtMania Festival.

Summer would be a good time to visit Sibiu. It will definitely become one of your best memories with its perfect nature and interesting activities. Sibiu invites you on a fresh experience, so what are you waiting for?

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